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Who am I ?
Hi my name is Shuwen, born and bred in Sitiawan, Malaysia but currently studying in Melbourne, Australia. Standing at 5"1' , I'm not the tallest person you'll ever meet. Not the skinniest either but I'm working on it hehehe. I love photography, food, fashion, events and everything fun. I also have a thing for cute and colourful things. Love meeting new people so do talk to me !

What is Peekashu ?
No Peekashu really has nothing to do with Pikachu at all. Peekashu is actually a combination of my name and Peekaboo. Peekaboo is my favourite game to play with children as it brings so much joy and laughter, and that is exactly what hopes to bring all its readers : JOY.

I hope that through I can bring about joy, inspiration, motivation and entertainment to every reader out there. Hopefully through I can help a little in making this world a better place.
What do I write about ?

multiply me

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and everything that happens around me. Trust me, my life is pretty cool.
Thank you for reading, I hope you like !