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It is no surprise to my readers that I love a shopping. To be precise, I love it when my purchases come at a good deal, and I am sure most of you do too. Travel discounts? Lunch deals? Please count me in. One of my personal favourite site for deals is Groupon where I routinely check for lunch deals for the best restaurants. 

Recently, Groupon launched a new service, Groupon Coupons, featuring over 9,000 retailers to bring shoppers the best deals and coupons for the biggest stores! Simply use the free coupon codes the next time you shop from Groupon Coupon’s long list of partners, and start saving! Did I mention the coupon codes are free? Oh yes they are.

Deals for the fashionista:

You're like me. You can never have enough clothes, shoes or bags. Eyeing that pair of Tory Burch sandals or the perfect bag to complete your summer outfit? Well now is your chance to get it. Groupon coupons offer coupons for retailers at different price points. Get a bang for your buck with coupons from retailers such as:

Deals for the globetrotter:

After my recent month-long backpacking adventure in Europe, I am already planning my next exploration and I'm already looking at Groupon Coupons for travel deals. From accomodation to tour packages, it is easy to find something that fits your personal itinerary and destination. In fact, I booked most of my accomodation in Europe via, and having a summer sale going on, with up to 50% off international bookings!

Other useful travel deals include:

Deals for the more practical shopper:

If you haven't found something for you and you are a more practical shopper, well there are partners that meet your needs too. Basic necessities, homewares, even food? Look no further.

Walgreens , Office Depot , Walmart

Coupons are not limited to the links mentioned above. The links featured in this post are retailers and stores that I personally frequent. There are so many great deals on the site that it would take more than one blogpost to cover. There is really something for everyone. So don't forget to check out Groupon Coupons and let me know what you think!

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