Is it too late to review 2015 ?

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I'm sorry it has already been half a month into 2016, and here I am, still wanting to talk about 2015. The start of a new year has always been my favourite. Apart from NYE celebrations, my absolute favourite time of a year is arriving - CHINESE NEW YEAR !!!!

However, I believe it is useful to look back on the past year and reflect upon the good things, learn from the bad and move on from the painful. Here are the most important events of this year.

Reconnecting the past. 

The first few days of 2015 were a turning point for both of us. It was mending what went wrong in 2014, as well as a turning point for me when I decided to be in a committed relationship for the first time.

A long distance relationship is definitely challenging at times, but I am glad we pulled through one year. He has seen all the ugliness of my past, which is why I all the more appreciate his patience and tolerance. Not forgetting how he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. 

And that was how my 2015 started.


Few days into the new year and I am out on a plane to rural China for a detox trip with mum. Although I internally protested the decision, I am so glad I went. Till date, I still reminiscence the time spent with mum in China, the beautiful surroundings, the fresh air and all the amazing people. I actually really want to go back ! 


Whisked away to Hong Kong during winter break. The first time I travelled with my own savings. Would have enjoyed it more if I watched TVB and understood cantonese. 


One of the best trips this year was with #The4bula. First time experiencing such a different and unique culture, at the same time overcoming fear of jumping off boats and snorkelling. Also listed on my list as one of the most relaxing, happy and chill places ever. 

Not forgetting the good times with my main babes in Australia. #Br8stbabes

The constants

This year ended with my graduation and hectic preparations for my brother's wedding. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the year, I just want to sincerely thank the constants in my life

To my #b66bs, you guys have been through all the ups and downs of this year. All the lami nights and joomak suppers. Some of us are leaving Melbourne for good, some of us are still coming back (Jing Wen you better come back ok), but I know our friendship will hold ! Love you girls to the moon and back

Last but not least, my family who has been supporting every decision I make whilst my time at University. Especially my parents who were always there for me. Thank you mum and dad for all the time and money spent on me, for all the worries and burden you two carried for me while I was in Melbourne (or while I was away in a foreign country volunteering or taking on a subject). 

I appreciate you two and thank you. This year couldn't have been so great without the both of you !

And with that, I end the highlights of my year. 
Till next time !

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