MINKPINK Warehouse Sale (MELBOURNE) 2015

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MINKPINK Warehouse Sale (Melbourne)

November 19 - November 22
19th 9AM-7PM // 20th 9AM-8PM //
21st 9AM-6PM // 22nd 9AM-5PM
Landes Store, 194 Bridge Rd, 3121 Richmond
Price : $20 per piece, or 7 pieces for $100 

With loads of free time on our hands after our finals, Yoong Chii and I decided to go for the Minkpink Warehouse Sale happening over 4 days this week. With completely no experience in warehouse sales, we were honestly fairly lost. Over a few days we tried searching up online, googling for information on blogs / websites / Facebook pages, but couldn't find the information we need. (e.g. Do we need to queue up? If so, how long? Do they limit the number of people on the ground?). So I have decided to blog about our first warehouse sale experience !

Being the stereotypical Asians we are, we like to be first in everything. So YC and I thought, why not be first in line at the sale ! We didn't know what time people would start queuing up, so we rocked up in Richmond at 6:45AM only to find the area deserted. Thankfully there were cafes open around 7 for us to grab some juice, and by 8AM, there was someone queuing up at the door (Coincidentally Asian).  Staff had also started to set up the area for a busy day. So girls, please don't go so early. No matter how badly you want to win wtf. 8:30AM is fine. 

Second in line ! LOL #Kiasu

Girls started lining up behind us around 8:15AM and by 8:45AM there were at least 30 girls in the line. The staff were extremely friendly while setting up, providing us with cushions, sofas, even free coffee !

9.05AM - We were finally allowed to enter ! From that moment onwards, the line outside got longer and longer. There weren't much Medium sizes in the first few racks although YC and I practically have first dibs on everything. Nevertheless the staff restocks almost everything in different sizes throughout the day. The barista also makes coffee for free throughout the day. In terms of price, everything we searched through were $20 per piece, or 7 pieces for $100.

The entire atmosphere was fairly chaotic. The moment you hang something back and walk away, don't expect to find it again. The changing room line started growing, and soon one of the aisles were blocked by people queuing up for the changing rooms. Many girls decided to ditch the line and resorted in changing in the corner. That includes us. HAHA #noshame. Really wish I was as smart as the girls who brought their boyfriends / dads though. Carrying 2483943 clothes on your arm can get very tiring.

At 11AM, moving around the ground was starting to get extremely difficult due to the massive crowd with the line outside still growing. There were people who brought their kids to the sale, which I highly discourage as it really can be quite dangerous for the child. We picked out everything we wanted, compiled them and headed to the cashier (which again is another line blocking one of the aisles). 

No make up, no dress ups because we woke up at 5:45AM LOL 

At the end of the day, we left the grounds with 21 victories and a deep $300 hole in our pockets. Overall, the experience was great, the staff were very friendly and I loved the clothes. Only complaint I have would probably be the crowd control. Apart from that, looking forward to more warehouse sales !!!

I should really get to my Tasmania travel post. 
Till next time, xoxo

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