Busy as a bee

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Oh I have missed the days I can just sit in front of the computer and type my heart out on a free platform, instead of filling out parts of a scientific report. Today I have decided to take time off my never ending assignment duties and just write. 

This semester didn't start off great. It started off with a gloomy lonely winter, when I spent the first week feeling extremely homesick, and missing my family and boyfriend silly. As the gloomy mornings stretched on, so did my laziness. I found myself struggling to wake up even at 10am (I used to religiously wake up at 7am regardless of weather). I started skipping all my lectures, even tutorials on some weeks. For few weeks, it felt like I have absolutely nothing to do. I even got a part time job at a Chinese fast food joint, but quit after 2 days. My high school teacher was right. I was born with tai-tai hands. Only two days of dish washing, and 1 month later, my skin is still dry. I got an interview at Tiffany and Co, which I didn't attend, because I didn't intend to work there. I have another job now, one that utilises my brain and is relevant to Uni; and I am absolutely in love with my part time job. More on this another time.

Currently in my final semester of my Bachelor of Commerce degree, it is somewhat ironic that I only have Engineering subjects this semester. You know how your seniors always told you to do your breadth subjects in your final semesters, so that you can have a chiller semester ? That's what I'm doing. Except by breadth is my core, and in fact it is harder than my major. Amidst the waves of assignments, sometimes I really am not sure if I want to continue on this Engineering pathway. Yet every single time I pass by a construction site, I imagine, and feel amazed by the work that Civil/Structural Engineers put in, to build storeys of residential apartments out of a small area of flat land. My inner self never fails to look up, and note the columns, beams and slabs (Civil Engineering terms that I had to familiarise myself with), and wonder how the loads are transferred to the ground. That sounds all very nerdy and stuff, but I really am not the studious kind of International student. 

Only 4 more weeks until I finish my classes for my Undergraduate degree and looking back, apart from a lot of maths, I'm not exactly sure what I've learnt. I guess I can still remember what options and futures are from last semester. I probably still remember a little Matlab programming from first year, and some of the management theories, but what does this have to do with life ? 

With assignments due every week up till my final week of Uni, I don't even have time to catch up on my lectures and tutorials, let alone do things like..clean my apartment and learn how to cook more complicated dishes. You know what, that's not true. I'm just super lazy. I do have time off on the weekends, when I spend my time with my close 8po girl friends. I love the Friday nights playing lami and Korean for supper, then brunch and suburb exploring on Saturday mornings. That sounds like the perfect Spring weekend, which is why there is less of a reason to coop myself up in the library on a beautiful sunny weekend.

Ok my rant is over, I need to go do more assignments. I just hope I don't fail. Omg 2 more years of Masters in Engineering. Sometimes I wish my boyfriend will just get rich and marry me. I can imagine my boyfriend shaking his head in disapproval at me and groaning in disbelief at his taste in women.

That was a joke ok. I'm a joke hahaha. 

-- Sorry just kidding. That sounds so negative. I actually really like my life right now apart from the assignments. So if you didn't read anything I just wrote, here is a short summary : 

I'm busy but nope, I'm here typing crap that I'm not sure you read.
but I attached some pictures to show you how much I love my life anyway. 

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