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I haven't blogged in a long time but in my defence, I actually did, but blogger somehow did not autosave it. Therefore this is my third time typing all these out. Forgive me ? 

My first winter break stop after 3 weeks of gruelling exams was Hong Kong.  I’ve never been to Hong Kong, but I’ve heard many interesting stories about travelling in Hong Kong and I’ve wanted to visit for the longest time. Despite warnings about heavy rain pour paired with extreme heat, Michelle and I insisted on going. It did rain on the first 4 days of our trip, but we were lucky to stay covered most of the time. We only had one sunny day. 

Honestly, Hong Kong wasn’t what I expected it to be. Much was raved about its shopping and food, although I’ve received conflicted views about dining and shopping there. Personally, everything was just expensive. Putting aside the highly exorbitant prices of local designer goods, the food was around the price as in Australia (converting it to Malaysian ringgit) but at half the portion. Nevertheless, I loved the cityscape of Hong Kong. The city lights from the Avenue of the Stars, the view from the Peak, the incredibly well planned transport system, the rude (but moral) citizens, the little messy streets in Central Hong Kong and occasionally stumbling into tiny picture-worthy alleyways.

Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠华餐厅
Our first stop was Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠华餐厅 located in the airport’s departure hall. 
Michelle has travelled to Hong Kong several times, and thus was more familiar on the places we should eat and shop at. This was one of her first recommendations.

The crispy bun served with condensed milk was really good, as well as the milk tea. 
I suggest ordering iced milk tea at all times. That is because they don’t add sugar into hot drinks, and although you can add it on your own, it doesn’t feel the same drinking a drink after you’ve actually witnessed how much sugar goes into it. Everything else on the menu wasn't appealing at all. 

From the airport, we hopped on the express train to Hong Kong station where free shuttle buses were available to transport tourists to and fro major hotels. Lucky for us, our hotel was near one of the shuttle bus stops.

We stayed at the Butterfly on Victoria
 As we booked our flight and accommodation all through AirAsia, it came at a very cheap package. I was surprised at the quality of the hotel that we picked. Not only was it located near the Tin Hau MTR station, it was spacious and the service was impeccable! The staff were nothing short of friendly, and gave us so much travel tips. The hotel even provides guests with a free phone with unlimited internet data, power bank, and a selfie stick, to fulfil our travel needs. 

There were also plenty of restaurants near our hotel. 
It was my first time hearing the word 鸳鸯 yin yeung. Basically Kopi Cham, if you are more familiar in Malaysian mamak terms. 

I was told that this is a popular dish at regular cha chan teng's. I don't know about everyone else, but personally, I have absolutely no idea why people would eat this. Like seriously, macaroni in bland soup ?


We didn’t spend a lot of time at central but I loved the bustling streets. There was plenty to shop around the area but as mentioned, it's expensive. Shoes here are cheaper than Malaysia and Australia, especially if you are into the street wear. I bought a pair of Nike Air Max here. However I was surprised to find out that the Nike store I bought my shoes from weren't exactly Nike flagship stores, although they look exactly like the usual Nike stores 

Yat Lok Restaurant 一乐烧鹅
G/F, 34-38 Stanley Street, Central 
What is Hong Kong without some roasted goose. This dish was 44HKD.
I must admit that the goose was juicy, but it wasn't the mouth watering, I-am-going-to-have-cravings kind of delicious. Plus I wouldn't be paying over RM20 for this portion.

Lan Fong Yuen 兰芳园
2 Gage Street, Central 
As for the best milk tea, Lan Fong Yuen wins hands down. 
As I am told, it is one of the original pantyhose milk tea stalls. They have several branches, but we accidentally stumbled into this one in Central. This is why I love walking in the city.

Tai Cheong Bakery 泰昌饼家
G/F, 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central 
Lets not forget Tai Cheong's delicious egg tarts. Truly the best I've had.

The Peak
A short walk from Central MTR station, battling sweaty tourists for a seat on a tram, and we were at The Peak. There was an entrance fee to get unobstructed view at the top of The Peak Tower. Instead for paying for that, we dined at Bubba and Gump Co, where their bar overlooks the city. As it was raining the evening we went, it was very foggy. Dinner was perfect way to wait for the fog to clear.

Platforms near the tram stop also offers great views of the city. We managed to catch a glimpse of the Symphony of Lights show happening at 8pm every night. 

Another day we decided to walk to Central from Causeway Bay MTR station.
Along the way, we dropped by some tourist hotspots and we walked through plenty of little alleyways

Our first stop ? Food always.

Lin Heung Tea House 莲香楼
160-164 Wellington Street, Central 
 I didn't want to come to Hong Kong and not have dimsum, so I googled the most local/authentic dimsum around the area and I settled for Lin Heung. Many reviews commented about the rude service, and warned tourists that speaking mandarin would put yourself at risk of being spat at. With such exciting comments about this place, I wanted to visit it all the more. Armed with only two relevant Cantonese words I know :
"Yat Gor" - One
"Li Gor" - This

I think I did a pretty good job ordering my food. Some of the waitresses completely ignored me, and walked away halfway in my attempt to fend for myself but its not like I did not expect that.

PMQ 元创方
35 Aberdeen Street, Central

On the way we stopped by PMQ. Originally the central school, transformed into the Police Married Headquarters, this site is now a creative space where local designers and quirky pop ups can be found. 

I loved the idea of injecting new life and creative ideas into a historical site. Everything here was also unique but the price tag definitely exceeds my budget.

Mongkok area 

Kam Wah Bakery 金华冰厅
G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward 
The polo bun was great. Not the french toast though. Unfortunately, I dived straight into eating without another picture of my food. 

Ladies Market / Sports Street / Langham Place 

We shopped around the area where the sports street, ladies market and Langham Place was located. Although the sports streets wasn’t filled with original flagship stores, but plenty of stores sell original shoes at a cheaper price. I managed to score a pair of Nike Roshe for Jeff at only RM150. The Langham itself had many floors and would take an entire day if you went through it all. This was probably the only place I could afford shopping at. 

Cheng Chau Island
A short ferry ride from Central and we were at Cheng Chau Island. It was a small island with beaches and stalls selling seafood and some local delicacies. It was one of the only sunny days we had in Hong Kong.

Some local delicacies that you absolutely must try when you are on the island : 

Mango mochi. 
Filled with overflowing mango, this dessert was the best mocha I've ever had. They also had one in durian flavour, but I was too full to stuff anything in. 

Curry fishballs

What better drink than watermelon juice ? Serve in its shell, this was the perfect drink on that hot summer day. 

Tsim Sha Tsui
We took a ferry to TST for dinner. I highly recommend the ferry over the MTR. On the ferry, you can admire the Hong Kong skyscrapers while enjoying the summer breeze. On the MTR, all you get is grumpy travellers and people in a rush. 

The mall next to the ferry stop was a high end luxury shoping mall.
Managed to find Pierre Herme macarons there. These itself, costed a bomb. The store here does not allow individual macaron purchases so if you would like to try only a few, don’t forget to drop by the one located in IFC mall, Central. 

Dinner at Da Pai Dang on Kimberly Street
Stuffed Chinese Donut. This was an interesting dish, not forgetting delicious. 
I actually did not know how the term "Da Pai Dang" is used to Malaysia, but I've heard Jeff friends refer hawker centres as Da Pai Dang. So I guess, Hong Kong uses this differently ?

Heritage 1881
This historical site is extremely popular among tourists. This is what I imagined the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to be, except Heritage 1881 is less of a garden. Nevertheless, it majestically sits on an expensive and luxurious site, with the likes of Cartier and Tiffany and Co just a stone's throw a way. 

Avenue of Stars
Meet Michelle Kong. Single and available. Can email me or pm me if you're interested. Basic criteria are : tall and rich hahahaha

It was soo beautiful, especially during sunset. Many tourists gather in the middle, but if you walk further to the end of the Avenue of Stars, you will find plenty of empty spaces that does not compromise your view of the Symphony of Lights. 

The Symphony of Lights starts at 8pm every evening. It is worth it to just sit on the benches and watch it, because then you can be near the speakers and fully enjoy the rhythm of the lights.
Sorry, I can't help but take 2347328974382 pictures of this majestic view. 

That concludes my trip to Hong Kong. This is literally my third time writing this post and I am just worn out. Darn auto save. 

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Till next time

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