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It is no surprise that I am constantly on the search for the best brunch place in Melbourne and really, every few months, there is a new cafe that exceeds my previous favourite. Personally, I think that the choice of an "amazing" brunch place is fairly subjective. I know some people who hate the cafes that I love, and I know people who would prefer a rustic interior over a clean space. Nevertheless, I have very recently found a new favourite. 

Tall Timber

Perth Street, Prahran, VIC 
(03) 96769333
Monday - Friday 7:00am - 4:30pm
Saturday - Sunday 7:30am - 4:30pm 
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  • Pouring on a Sunday afternoon, the girls and I knew we wouldn't be doing much studying that day. Hopped on tram 72 towards Camberwell to stop 28 and we were at Tall Timber. Despite the rain, the restaurant was packed out with people. 

    Usually there is a courtyard at the back to contain the customers, but the meddling Melbourne weather wasn't up for it. It was a 30 minute long wait before we scored a seat, and boy was I glad that we didn't head down to Chapel street. 

    House Special with  Pumpkin loaf, prosciutto, goat's cheese, smashed peas, lime and extra poached eggs on the side -  $19.50
    Probably my favourite dish that day. Smashed peas on point. 

    Timber Benedict ; slow cooked pork shoulder, poached eggs and apple cider hollandaise - $17.50

    Breaky board ; poached egg on pumpkin loaf with goats cheese, muesli with natural yoghurt and fresh berries, smashed avocado, small orange juice - $15

    Definitely an alternative for the health conscious. 
    My verdict ? Thoroughly enjoyed my experience there, even though I had to wait in the cold for half an hour. The staff were extremely friendly, and were very nice to us even though we made them help us change tables several times. For me, I couldn't find any faults in the food.

    The special made me fall in love with prosciutto and peas (I hate prosciutto and peas). The pork shoulder was slow cooked to perfection with a twist to its taste with the apple cider hollandaise and apple salad on top. Even the plain ol' Breakky board had the most amazing muesli I've ever had. Every mouth was filled with nutrition, texture and flavour. Too good. 

    What is a Sunday brunch without a post Sunday brunch photo session and stroll ? 
    Drove 4 hours to Bright few weekends ago, and here we are at Prahan, 15 minutes away from the city with a better autumn scene. 

    Best Sunday company. 
    I don't think there's a better occasion for Hunter booties than a rainy autumn afternoon. 
    For the longest time in my life, I've searched for the perfect pair of jeans, and the perfect pair of boots. Due to a longer torso, and muscular calves, there wasn't a single pair of knee high / thigh high boots that could fit me and trust me when I say I've searched high and low, across the globe. Found the perfect boots in China last January and I couldn't wait to wear them. A brand originating from Hong Kong, I fell in love with the luxurious suede leather immediately. I knew I could trust Asians to manufacture something ! 

    and oh lets not get started on jeans. Waist size and thigh size that is not in proportion does not fit the conventional jeans well. If you have similar problems, and don't want to spend over $100 for a pair of Levi's (am I the only one who find Levi's uncomfortable?), visit Nam at Dejour, Brunswick. He will not let you leave his store without finding you the perfect pair of jeans. Free alterations, and it will set you back at most $55. Not sure where else you can find a better deal than this. Lets not forget what a lovely person Nam is. He gave me so much advice on what kind of jeans to wear, and how to wear them. It's like a free personal styling session. 

    Jacket // FCUK 
    Top // ASOS
    Jeans // DeJour
    Boots // Le Saunda
    Bag // LV Speedy 25 Empriente. 

    Just as a reminder to everyone who like me, is a fan of bags and all things leather, never carry light coloured leather goods with new jeans. I never used to wear jeans, which is why this problem never occurred to me until recently. I spent a great deal of time on Sunday mourning over jean stains on my yellow LV Speedy. Of all bags, it has to be my favourite (and most light coloured) bag. It is extremely hard, almost impossible to get rid of, and MyBagSpa charges $460 for jean stain cleaning. Even if you attempted to clean it yourself, you'll most probably wear off the colour on your leather. 

    Please don't make the same mistake as me. I hope nobody has to ever experience this kind of trauma. 
    and if you have any tips on getting rid of such stains on delicate leather, please leave a comment below or shoot me an email. Desperately need some (economical) help ! 

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