Mount Macedon

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With a bunch of spontaneous friends, everyday is an adventure. One weekend, we decided that adventure would be Mount Macedon to admire the autumn scene before winter arrives. Located about an hour's drive away (depending on traffic and the number of stops you take), the area is popular among tourists who want to have a taste of Victoria's country side. After weeks of gloom and rain, we were counting our blessings for that sunny weekend ! 
The usual blur me decided to leave my Fujifilm X100s battery at home. Therefore pictures in this post are from JW's Canon 550D

With all the cars whizzing past us, this picture was the hardest to take. 

There were two popular gardens in the area - Tieve Tara and Forest Glade. We spent most of our time in the latter

Watchiu looking at. 
So there was this couple that was super in love, and full of PDA in the garden. Couldn't help but make fun of them because we kept bumping into them.

Like always in our pictures ! 

I swear I wasn't stalking them. 

More lovey doveys. Hope these two have a happy marriage, if they ever find this picture ! 

Best company.

We headed up the memorial cross after driving around the ranges 
And.. here's a random beautiful church. 

For me, this was the perfect week 9 getaway. It wasn't too far, the drive was easy, and we managed to get a good deal on the car through Budget ! We were lucky to have caught a glimpse of the autumn leaves near the end of the season as the best time to visit is usually mid autumn.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the company and the scenery, I felt that the destination is overhyped. Yes of course Instagram pictures look beautiful, but those are the product of heaving editing. Some things are better seen and appreciated with the eyes. Ironically, I am writing this blogpost and showing everyone pictures of Mount Macedon. I simply believe company is what matters most during road trips like these. You could have the best cameras, best equipment and the prettiest sceneries, but with the wrong people, all these go down the drain. Glad to have the opportunity to travel with these girls in our final year.

It kind of seems like my blog is turning into a fairly personal food/travel blog. Not that I mind, even though I don't have as many readers as I used to when I started blogging. I am actually rediscovering my passion for writing and photography. Now that SWOT VAC is around the block, you would think that these travel blogposts will stop but nope. I have more lined up, so stay tuned !

Till next time, 

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