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What better way to take a break from Uni life than an impromptu weekend in High Country, Victoria ? I am extremely pleased with this getaway from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city. Development and construction has really taken a toll on the air quality in the city. Noise pollution has also increased tremendously. The surroundings in Bright was absolutely perfect for a relaxing weekend. I haven't slept like a log for a really long time and I'm glad for the rest. 

Initially our trip to Bright was planned on Easter weekend, but the entire town was completely booked out and there wasn't anywhere that could accommodate all 8 of us. In the end, we stayed at Cedar Holiday Units which came at a surprisingly reasonable price, considering its spacious living areas, kitchen and bedrooms. It was very comfortable, and very close to everything. Apart from having a relaxing time, we were on a mission to take tons of pictures and admire the countryside autumn leaves. However, we were a little early, and a lot of the trees were still green. Main activities around the area : bushwalking 

During the warmer seasons, there are also water activities at the Oven River. Horse riding and paragliding are also top activities around Bright. For this trip we had a tripod, selfie stick and four semi-pro to pro cameras. Cameras used for the pictures in this blogpost : 
Canon 550 D
Sony Alpha ILCE-6000
Sony NEX 5r
Fujifilm X100s 

Our intent on visiting the country is very clear I suppose. Very happy with how all the pictures turned out to be. JW, YC and Tiffany definitely did an amazing job at capturing these memories. Here are some visuals ! 

Ovens River bank

Bushwalking around Mount Buffalo 

Random stops at the most uncanny locations for a photo opp

We actually had like a dress code for the last day : Black and white but it definitely didn't looked the way we wanted it to. Nevertheless, we had a great time sight seeing on the last day. Managed to catch the para gliders land and saw a wild apple tree for the first time ! Not forgetting the experience of travelling on such a quiet road, that getting down from your car in the middle of it for a photo opportunity is acceptable.

 Cleavage alas. I have waited 21 years for this. HAHA JOKES. #confessionsofanaeroplane

Cannot be more grateful for these spontaneous and unabashed girls. With them, its always a great time. To put it shortly, it was an amazing getaway with wonderful company. Can't wait for our next trip exploring Australia !

You may have noticed that some of the colours of the pictures are fairly edited. The reason for that is because I have finally gotten around to using Lightroom. Currently still trying to get a hold of all the settings and still trying to prefect the desired look for some of the pictures ! For that reason too, I have decided to come back to the blogosphere with weekly blogposts. So stay tuned every weekend for something new on Peekashu.com !

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