Skydiving over the Andes

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Few years ago, on a holiday in New Zealand with my family, I recall looking at the advertisements for skydiving and thinking to myself 

"wtf why would someone ever do this to themselves. Jump out of a plane for what ? Cari pasal"

Which was why I shocked myself when I agreed to skydive over the Andes with my team mates. I must say, not only did I not regret my decision, I am now absolutely in love with skydiving. It is an experience that I would urge everyone to try at least once in their life. Yes it is rather pricey, but the experience and what I am still feeling today ? Priceless. Here are some visuals and details about my experience with skydive Andes.

Right after our final presentation, we hopped on a bus and was told to get off a stop along the highway. What greeted us was just farm lands and lorries whizzing past us. In our formal business clothing, we crossed the highway. Over the divider in my formal skirt and heeled shoes, that is.

We were lost for a few minutes before someone showed us the direction to the venue. We then had to climb under barb wire and walk through more farm land before we came to an opening where we could see the planes. According to someone, the challenge of getting to the skydiving location hypes up the experience even more. I did tore my tights while climbing between the barb wires so there wasn't much hype there for me. 

We met the sky divers and did some exercises, and received some advice on how we should jump off the plane. 

Ioannis and Darryl before their jump. You can apparently jump in anything, but all of us opted for the jumpsuits. As I didn't want to risk losing my Florsheim heels, I jumped barefoot. 

Definitely not looking my best before the jump. 

But the funniest photographer and the cutest skydiver definitely did calm my nerves.

On the plane
On the flight up 14 thousand feet, I think my photographer really enjoyed himself scaring the shit out of me. If you can see from the picture above, the plane is plastered with duct tape that looks like they will fall off anytime soon. 

"Oh this plane broke down just a few days ago, so we just duct taped wherever there were holes"

I think I'm quite naive, but when I'm a nervous wreck, I will really believe just about anything. It was only when he said "The more scared you are, the more fun it is for me" that I realised how chill he was, and how safe I was being attached to my skydiver. 

After some small chats with my photographer and minutes of enjoying the beautiful view of the Andes, we were at 14 thousand feet and ready to jump. Here comes the unglam pictures ! 

Off the plane
First thought when I first left the plane ? 
BLANK. I didn't think about anything, or feel anything. It was like the world just stopped alongside my heartbeat. 

and THEN all the flesh on your body starts being blown backwards and only then did the question pop up in my head. "Wtf am I doing"

After some getting used to feeling like a blower blowing right in your face, I reached the stage of admiring the view from up top.

Very unlike looking at the view from a plane. I would probably never have such an unobstructed view of Santiago if not for this skydiving experience. It was amazing. Nothing important actually went through my head then. I didn't feel like I was gonna die, or get hurt. Neither did I feel unsafe. All I thought about was how exciting it was, and how silly I was for feeling so nervous before. The entire free fall period lasted for a minute.

After landing
It was kind of like, I went retarded for a few minutes. My hair was all blown back, I couldn't smile normally and my mind just went numb. Well, I don't remember much of what happened minutes after landing. I cannot thank my group mates enough, especially Angela, for persuading me on this experience. It has been almost two months and every time I face a fear of mine, all I have to do is bring up this memory, and all the fear would be gone. 

"If I can jump out of a plane, what more is there to be afraid of ?"

and man has it been helpful. Since then I've done some things that I've been afraid to do before, and it just feels liberating to know that if only I have the courage to face my fears / pick up a challenge, I will find that the difficulties and fear only exists between my ears. If any of you are planning on doing something crazy this year and are still hesitating about it, I recommend that you just go for it ! You won't regret it. Definitely increases your bragging rights and your confidence over everything. 


 Soo many travel posts lined up ! My brother's proposal in Taiwan and my unique detox holiday in China up next. For more pictures on my trip to Chile, check out my instagram hashtag and follow me on Instagram !


Till next time, xoxo

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