Santiago week 2

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Finally put an end to travelling for 2014. Currently chilling at home, sorting pictures and finishing up some University assignments/applications. Overall, life has been great, explained by the weight gain and round face. Here are some visuals of Chile from my second weekend there ! 

The second Saturday was the only time I had to explore the city, so we took an extremely long walk through Providencia, from our hotel to the Museum of Human Rights. It was a REALLY long walk. That's 8.6km according to Google Maps. On our way back, also dropped by San Cristobal Hill for the breathtaking panoramic views of Santiago.

Walking over an hour under the blazing sun through Providencia proved to be worthwhile. We stayed at Radisson Plaza, Las Condes, which is one of the wealthier areas in Santiago. The walk down Providencia showed us the transformation from wealthy to less wealthier areas of Santiago. The difference was astounding. From tall glass buildings, European looking areas all the way down to empty stress with graffiti walls. I hope the pictures below give you a glimpse on the sights we experienced ! 

One of the best ice creams I've had. Love their rose flavour !!

Central market
 I can't possibly be the only person who thinks this looks way too much like Malaysia right ? 
Can't explain the feeling of finally reaching the Museum of Human Rights. Part of me was glad to be getting out of the sun, maybe get some rest but the bigger part of me was just glad we got out of a dodgier looking area of Santiago. The museum was definitely worth visiting. Learnt a lot about Chile under the Pinochet dictatorship and all that the Chileans went through. Before this I just heard bits and pieces but this museum really gave us a clear understanding about the culture and the history of Chile. 

Foot of San Cristobal Hill

Such beauty.

Empanadas and Rico Mote. 
The drinks and food halfway up the mountain were SO CHEAP and so good ! I am guessing they're not ripping off tourist money because its holy ground for the Catholics.  

On our way back, we got a pleasant surprise from the city. Apparently Universidad de Chile won in their local football league and it felt like the entire city was celebrating the victory. 

Taking over public monuments, shouting and singing, car horns blaring EVERYWHERE. It was so interesting to watch the victorious celebration.

On the second day we had a University planned trip with the entire cohort to go outside Santiago. We visited Isla Negra, a town by the beachside with the highlight of the trip being Pablo Neruda, a famous Chilean poet's beach house. No pictures were allowed in the house but having been to plenty of nice houses, I must say this one tops the list. The amount of detail and the stories behind every single decorative piece in the house was astounding. 

Was reprimanded right after this picture because well, no pictures allowed. But worth it. 

What's a group trip if there's not a group selfie. No regrets bringing my selfie stick. May make me look like an retarded Asian but I must say, travelling with this thing makes group pictures SO much easier. Save face or have a memorable picture ? Your pick. Following Isla Negra, we were arranged to have lunch near the resort with the longest completed pool in the world. Emphasis on the word completed because Dubai is apparently building the next longest pool in the world. Wah Dubai, all the tallest, longest, all you take la. 

That's all for today. I've got my skydiving pictures and video prepared, so stay tuned for the next post when I will be writing about the entire experience ! In the meantime, you can check out my instagram hashtag and follow me on Instagram for more other pictures on Chile.


Till next time, xoxo

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