Fragments of Santiago, Chile.

by - 8:24:00 AM

Currently typing this in the comfort of my double sized bed, in a fancy hotel, in the heart of the wealthiest areas of Santiago, directly across the road from the tallest building in South America. I would say life is incredibly good. Someone makes my bed in the morning, in the evening they come in and fluff the bed, pull out the sheets and prepare my bed for sleep. Complimentary bottled water, chocolates and really, I have nothing to complain.

How amazing is it to wake up to this ? 

If you are a little confused, here's what I'm in Chile for. I am here with 20 other University of Melbourne students, undertaking a consulting project at a firm at Santiago. Lucky for my team, we got a project related to mining in a big 4 accounting firm that I originally wanted to apply for an internship at. So anyway, I don't particularly have the time to go exploring / travelling because of the corporation work hours, but I do get an interesting insight on the lives of the Chilean. Oh and not forgetting grasping as much Spanish as I can.

First night out as a cohort and I fell super sick and drunk over just one glass of pisco sour. Note to self : Never drink on travels. 

Some parts of Santiago reminds me of Europe, with accordion buskers and white stone walls. Other parts of Santiago is really like Malaysia. And I'm talking about small stalls, low ceilings with stools sprawled around, little store with an umbrella by the streets selling you fruits or ice cream. It's amazing how diverse one city can be. Can't wait to show you guys more of Santiago when I'm finally done with the project ! For now, follow me on instagram for daily updates and pictures of Chile ! 


Till next time, xoxo

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