Twenty and Six, North Melbourne

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Between after exam relief and leaving Melbourne for summer, are days of prancing around, exploring suburbs, spending money and growing fat. Twenty and Six was our brunch place pick on one extremely hot summer day. Located in North Melbourne, we took the opportunity to explore the little laneways and quaint cottages along the way as well. 

Twenty and Six used to be one of my favourite brunch places, boasting a menu that included the scrumptious The Hunter, The Russian and The Geisha, which I regret not taking more pictures of (Yes everybody, taking pictures of food actually will have sentimental value in the future). Since they changed the menu a year ago, I’ve heard of various negative reviews and thus have ceased to revisit, until recently. 

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was surprised that we didn’t have to wait for a seat, as I have waited up to more than an hour previously. Other changes of Twenty and Six included the option to be seated in the courtyard. Highly recommended if you would like some fresh air. On to food. 

Crispy pork belly, sausage, braised cannellini beans, garlic toast and slow poached egg $20

Like any normal, pork eating person, our eyes were immediately drawn towards the pork belly on the menu. I am usually a huge fan of baked beans and pork belly, which was why I thought this would taste incredible. Much to my disappointment, the pork belly was far too salty although the beans were good. 

Confit field mushroom omelette with blue cheese, caramelised onion, basil and garlic toast. $17

Looks really average and normal, but turned out to be my favourite dish of the day. Loved the caramelised onion. Portion of mushroom wasn’t all that generous but an all in delicious dish.

Personally, I didn’t think that food served had a competitive edge in the brunch industry in Melbourne. Don’t get me wrong, it was a pleasant meal, but it didn’t have the kick, or the ohm, to make us want to repeatedly return. I would possibly come back to sit under the sun and drink one of their delicious smoothies, but not for the food. 


By the time we finished brunch, we could feel the burning heat of Australian summer. Yet, we insisted on walking around the neighbourhood and checking out the little alleys. We did manage to find some masonry walls and isolated alleys for #OOTD pictures. 

White nails to contrast the black. 

Black ruffle sleeved playsuit from Miss Selfridge.
Unlike the little black dress, this black playsuit has a slight tinge of playfulness. I love how versatile it is as it can easily go from casual brunch outfit to a fancy dinner party with a change of shoes and accessories. Perfect for any kind of prancing around. 


T-2 days till my flight to Santiago, Chile ! This time round, I will be heading over with some folks from University for a project. We will be working in teams, consulting different major corporations on their internal processes or future investments. I am so so excited not just because that is another continent ticked off my travel list, but also for the experience and encounters in a foreign land, not forgetting the people I am going to meet ! I will also be travelling somewhere else after Chile and I can't wait to share more details when I can. 

Nevertheless, travelling without close friends or family, once again brings about a twinge of loneliness and longing. I am pretty sure I will soon forget about these negative feelings once I actually embark on my South American adventure but for now, I am missing home. 

Goodbye for 3 months, Melbourne. 

Next stop : Santiago, Chile
 till next time, xoxo. 

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