Turning 20

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I officially validated my membership in the 20s club a few weeks ago ! Can you believe it ? It too me two decades to get in ! 

Honestly, it feels rather weird to wake up to being 20. I feel like I have been alive for an extremely long time, yet it feels so short. When I look at my successful friends at the age of 20, I feel like I'm not doing much with my life, yet when I look forward, I feel like I still have very long to go. It feels like both the start of something exciting and the end of something wonderful.

As my birthday approached, I found myself feeling exhausted of being bogged down with a full schedule and numerous obligations. October is that time of the year, when everyone is either preparing for exams, or assignments are dumped all at once. I grew up thinking that everyone is a queen on their birthday. Having my dad's birthday a day before mine meant that whenever my dad decides to host a party and have a birthday celebration, I would be at the side of him receiving gifts and red packets from his wealthy friends and I would get a spectacular looking cake (sometimes we get 2, and I get to have two flavours #fatchild). It didn't take my very long to realise that birthdays simply aren't that big of a deal. Every day someone is born, and it is simply impossible to be celebrating birthdays and buying presents every single day.

Which is why, I wasn't upset about spending my birthday at uni and not having a grand celebration at a fancy restaurant. I was alright being occupied the entire weekend. I know that I am a big girl now and I definitely can't be throwing tantrums like I did last year ! I am just extremely thankful for everyone who took time off to simply spend time with me. From simple coffee deliveries at uni to the surprise cakes ! Enough of the texts, here are some visuals !

 High tea with Shuying and Shimun after class ! They are the first two friends I've had in Melbourne and I am so glad that we have overcame obstacles and still remained friends. 

My housemates, spoiling me with gifts from my favourite stores - Kikki K and La Belle. 

 Surprised with cake by the Urban Life ! Special thanks to Jil who went all the way to get Le Petit Gateau.

Korean BBQ with this gang ! Most of the people here have been with me since college and it is so amazing that they are still in my everyday life. So thankful that they decided to wait till most people are available for the dinner because it wouldn't have been the perfect celebration if any of them were missing. 

They also got me my dream cake ! I love cake, I love macarons. 
In fact, I have this exact cake in a smaller size every single time I visit LuxBite. Its so good, and having it in cake size is so much better ! 

Special thanks to Jason who lugged this cake back all the way from Toorak ! Such a precious and thoughtful friend who plans the best birthday dinners !!

Zara dress // F21 long kimono. 

Thank you for dinner guys ! I've never felt soo stuffed in my life. 

Also received a total of $120 worth of Kikki K gift cards this year ! 
And I used it to get some Kikki K products that I have been eyeing for the longest time. Leather lilac planner, alongside a teapot paired with a cup from my housemate and other scrapbooking necessities. So excited to start planning 2015. Its gonna be such an amazing year ! 

Mummy also got me a gift that I am absolutely in love with. 

Rose Bruyere Balenciaga Giant Rose Gold City ! 
So much roses in a picture and I absolutely love it. I wanted this bag for such a long time and mum decided to grant me my wish when I saw this on Reebonz

I have received responses asking me why I didn't get it in Europe, where it is much cheaper ? My answer to that is, the rose gold hardware has been discontinued in 2012, meaning they don't stock it in Balenciaga stores anymore. Furthermore, it is so hard to find a colour that is perfect, because all their colours are seasonal except for Black, White and Anthracite. The one that I got is actually from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which was why I was so surprised to see it still on sale.

It is interesting that last year, I had two fine dining celebrations, and received a David Jones gift card plus a bottle of Chanel No.5. Everything was luxurious and polished. This year, everything was casual, everyone knew exactly what I wanted, and all my gifts seems to be pastel coloured / pink, even down to my cake ! Which is fine by me. I like pink hahaha. 


Every year I would look back at my birthday post from the previous year, and reflect on what I have achieved and all the things that has happened in a year. Click to read my 19th birthday post.

Last year's goals : 

#1 Volunteer overseas
#2 Get at least 2 H1s with total average above 65%
#3 Get into student exchange programme
#4 Lose 4 kgs (more realistic hehe)
#5 Participate in more social networking events
#6 Get a job at Kikki.K or at Uni
#7 Shop less
#8 Cook at home more
#9 Read more, attend lectures more, stop skipping tutorials
#10 Participate more actively at church
#11 Complete my duty as Media Officer at MUOSS, effectively and efficiently
#12 Make more friends so that I don't have to worry about no presents next year haha.

#13 Meet a boyfriend (note : not find but meet hehehe)

I reckon that is a pretty good number of things to be ticked off the list. Almost halfway there ! Goals and dreams often move on, so this is a brand new list of my goals in the coming year !

#1 Do something extreme. Sky diving or jump off a cliff, something like that.
#2 Get a job and spend less money than this year.
#3 Travel the world, meet new people, see new sights and make the most out of every second I am abroad !
#4 Treasure everyone around me, spend time with my family, care for my friends and never take them for granted.
#5 To see my faith grow, and to see the love of God flow through me across the Earth. (I would love to persevere and continue supporting my child in Malawi through World Vision even when it is financially challenging for me)
#6 Aim for a H1 average.
#7 Stop gaining weight. This sounds more attainable than losing weight hahaha.
#8 Stop being a social media addict. No one likes the excessive poster. That being said, follow me on instagram @shuwen.peekashu
#9 Go out more, take more pictures, blog more.
#10 Read all the books I have at home.
#11 Learn something new outside my curriculum : maybe a barista course, German or Spanish perhaps.
#12 Volunteer at charity events more.
#13 Learn more recipes from my mum and cook amazing food.

Andd that's a wrap !

Here's to stepping into a new season of my life. Can't wait to see what this decade will bring. I'm believing it will be the most exciting decade I will ever live ! 

Till next time, xx

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