Embarrassing Shuwen 01

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Every time I start my conversation off with "Omg today something embarrassing happened to me", more than often my friend's response would be "Today ? When are you not embarrassing?"

So, I have decided that since I need content for my blog, I will attempt to post one embarrassing/awkward thing that happened to me during the week. Obviously these are funny embarrassing antics, and not things that I am actually embarrassed or ashamed about. So here is the first post for Embarrassing Shuwen !

I am a social media addict. 
So regardless male or female, I look people up on Facebook. Don't deny, everyone does that. One fine day I wanted to check out who Jonathan* was, and I went on Facebook on my phone, only to find the wrong Jonathan*.
*Name changed for privacy protection.

Few days later, I received a notification informing that wrong Jonathan has accepted my friend request. Feeling a little unsure of what to do because I was 100% sure I accidentally added him when I threw my phone into my bag, I contemplated on deleting him, because I rarely randomly add people on Facebook (unless you're hot, or you take super beautiful #OOTD pictures, or like flat-lays). Nevertheless, I figured I wouldn't meet this guy anyway so I just left it there.

Lo and behold, I was at the market, and all of a sudden this man comes up to me and goes
"Are you Shuwen ? You added me on Facebook. I'm Jonathan"


And my explanation about accidentally adding him on Facebook just seemed like a lame excuse. It was pretty embarrassing but I can't believe it actually happened to me. Oh well, I have a new friend now lol. So yeap, that is Embarrassing Shuwen 01 !

and here is a picture to redeem abit of myself.

Till next week ! 

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