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Flew home for the weekend to witness my sister's ROM. It was a small reception, with the couple signing the papers followed by lunch with close friends and family. This is a really overdue post but I still cannot get over the fact that my sister is married ! I am still having trouble calling Mr Mok my brother-in-law, but it definitely is starting to grow on me. In contrary to the not so popular belief, my sister did not  get married because she was pregnant. Cutting the text, may I present to you, Mr and Mrs Mok ! 

Sequinned details.

Good job brother-in-law, for the big and shiny rock. 

My big sister is now officially #OfftheMokket !  If you guys are wondering, the ceremony will only be held when they come back from the USA so #Mokthedate ! Hahaha I love wedding #puns. I am already working hard to lose weight to be the bridesmaid hahaha omg exciting times. Can't wait for the next big wedding in the family.

My sister is such an inspiration to me and she really is a walking testimony. May God's grace continue to shower upon you two as you guys step into a new season of your lives. Have fun on your 18 months honeymoon to USA ! See you guys in 18 months. Hopefully sooner *cross fingers* 


Oh right, it would be incomplete without an #OOTD. Here featuring my baby brother. 
My entire outfit, apart from mum's MiuMiu, is less than $100. I am so thrifty please. 

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