I love Mondays.

by - 6:39:00 AM

I like plenty of things that people don't like. For example, my favourite subjects in uni revolves around everything Maths and I love Mondays.

No doubt, Saturdays and Sundays are my favourite days of the week. I get to sleep in, lounge around and have all the free time. I also get to be refreshed in the house of God on Sunday mornings and then hang out with friends after. Which leads on to why I love Mondays. With all that energy recharged, its finally the first day of the weekday to release it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody said a busy week is going to be easy, but nobody said that you're not gonna survive it and feel proud of yourself at the end of it. Have an extremely good week everyone. Will be flying off again this weekend and I absolutely can't wait to meet my family again.

Till next time xx

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