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Currently hooked on a TVB drama - The Ultimate Addiction starring an attractive cast. Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Sharon Chan and Toby Leung to name a few. I usually don't watch HK dramas because I couldn't stand conversations in Cantonese. I guess it was the visuals of tall buildings in Hong Kong that makes me think of people committing suicide every time I hear Cantonese / watch Hong Kong dramas. Weird I know. Nevertheless, this drama is far too good to care about my psychological wellbeing for the moment hahaha. 

Cutting the long introduction, here are some more interesting captures of Sitiawan. Actually haven't pulled out my camera in a while because the iPhone camera is so convenient at times ! 

I love telling people about my little hometown, Sitiawan, but recent years we have seen a swarm of tourists since the opening of Tua Pek Kong Temple located a little outside of Sitiawan. 

A place for prayer and a place for tourists to take beautiful pictures at the banks of the sea. 

Picturesque scene on our way home. 

The crowd at our popular seafood restaurants in Kg. Cina could be evidence of this in pouring of tourists. So recently, locals have discovered another amazing seafood place ! 

Hidden amongst trees, this cooling restaurant was empty when we were there.

but no, its emptiness definitely has nothing to do with its food because the food was superb. 

Shark meat. 

and what is a seafood meal without some crab ? 

It sort of felt like we were dining in the jungle but I have nothing to complain because the trees kept us away from the blazing sun and it was serene. Perfect for family meals. 

Talking about family. Here is a picture of my not too attractive brother hahahaha.

Site visiting in slippers and shorts. Not sure how safe that is but since I got cement stuck in my hair that day I'm guessing not grade A safe to be stomping around a construction site in uncovered shoes and untied hair lol 

Kudos to the workers who work tirelessly under the sun even during the fasting month. It's interesting watching them build because, can you imagine this space being a room where someone will sleep in, in a few months ? 

Definitely haven't visited Sitiawan with you haven't had this. 
My week here has just been an entire week of growing fat. Nevertheless I am overjoyed that Sitiawan finally has a cafe that serves decent coffee ! Reminds me very much of brunch places in Melbourne too ! 

Don't forget to drop by The Farm ! 
Full review soon so stay tuned. 
Till next time xx

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