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They always say home is where the heart is. 

I'm back in Malaysia escaping the winter madness happening in Melbourne now. Albeit short, I'm enjoying every single moment of my time back home.  The food, the people, and -just sometimes- the sun. 

However a question that I never fail to receive when I come back is 
"Are you gonna stay in Melbourne or come back to Malaysia after you graduate ?"

My answer used to be a definite "OF COURSE I'M COMING HOME"  but there are times I'm not so sure anymore. There are so many things I love about Malaysia and there are so many things I love about Melbourne and neither of them outweighs the other. Sitiawan will forever be home. My family and my friends, the food, will forever be close to heart. I fit in here and I don't have to put on a different accent every time I speak to a different person. But Melbourne is comfortable and safe where worries of being robbed is non-existent. Furthermore, after spending some time in KL, the inflated prices, if compared one to one, is also so much more expensive than Melbourne. 

Therefore when asked, my answer now is "Well it depends who I end up being with"  because well, its true. Although I have made plenty of exciting plans for myself and I am really enjoying -a little bit too much- being single, there's no knowing what will happen in the next few years. Maybe I will meet a mandarin speaking French gentleman who will disrupt all my plans for the next 5 years. I don't know. Also because, it seems easier to let someone else make this tough decision for me. 

Nevertheless, that question does not need to be answered until 3 + years away, so for now, I'm gonna enjoy my life in Melbourne and my holiday breaks in Malaysia. Here are some visuals of my first week back ! 

Touch down at 7AM and was greeted with a hearty breakfast by mum consisting of fruit juice, bird's nest and foochow kompiang. Featuring also my sister's engagement flowers. 


By the way, am I the only person who disapproves of KLIA2's layout ? 

Doning vintage. Mum and big aunt definitely gave nods of approval to this. 

Pleated midi and embroidered floral crop both thrifted. 
In just a few days I gained like, all the weight I've ever lost this year. 
Malaysia y u do this to me. 

Mum wanted her own #OOTD

Red wine mee sua around Suria Damansara. Operated by a Sitiawan couple, they serve pretty good foochow noodles there ! 

Model parents. Literally.

Sunday brunch with the family. 
Kimono - Forever 21

My youngest brother lost over 10kgs since the last time I was back. I need to up my game here.

Now back in Sitiawan with my parade of dogs 
Here are Peanut Butter.

I'm blending in mommy !  

Till next time xx

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