Brighton beach and a lot of fun.

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Few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to host my cousin, Nathan and his friend from Brisbane. We practically grew up together and its always a fun time with him. Here are a few places we visited : 

Hardware Societe was our first stop. 
The pork belly tasted amazing, but I find it a little bit too fatty. 

My cousin takes good pictures so he always takes my #OOTD when he's around. 

Leather weather 
 Doning my current favourite lambskin jacket from Hobbs London
Cobalt calfskin reva flats from Tory Burch and
Lacca saffiano tote from Prada

Brought to my favourite tourist destination in Melbourne too - my exam hall. 

The Royal Exhibition Building is by far my favourite building in Melbourne. Even though I dread walking through those doors during exam season. Situated in Carlton Gardens, it is beautifully surrounded by trees, flowers and ponds. Not forgetting the majestic fountains. 

Its a no wonder people flock to take their wedding pictures here, even in the middle of a gloomy winter's day. 

Day trippin' on one of the days -

Chez Dre from some brunch.
Honestly rather disappointed with their new brunch menu. It sounds rather exciting on paper but the taste wasn't up to par with the competitors. They used to have pretty good brunch but I guess for now I'll only be visiting for their desserts. I hope they bring their good brunch menu back soon !

St Kilda on a cloudy day. 

My guests, Nathan and Wei Min. 

Drove all the way to Glen Huntley for some top Melbourne coffee as rated on 

Workshop brothers

Operated by three friendly brothers (or friends), this cafe looked really cosy but because we were in a rush to head on to Brighton Beach, we only managed to get takeaway coffee. I foresee myself coming back soon. 

*runs around hysterically*
I have always wanted to come to Brighton Beach but because everyone visited in their first year in Melbourne (except for me because back then I was a loner), nobody was willing to visit it with me again after that ! But oh boy, it was the perfect weather in winter to head down to the beach !!

If you've seen us, you would think that I'm the tourist and my cousin was bringing me around Melbourne. 

Very very happy day. 

Good time to take a mental note to never go to Brighton Beach with me. 
If you do, don't bring a camera. 

Ok last picture. 

Pie in the sky at Mt Dandenong. 
I love their pies here ! We reached the store at 4pm to find that they have just closed but after much puppy eyes and persuading, we managed to make ourselves sound like poor people who have travelled land and sea for their pies. Which is kind of true with the land part. 

Sky High and the giant's chair. 
It was too cloudy and we couldn't get a good view of the city. 

but the surrounding garden was gorgeous. Made in down the mountain just before sunset, marking an eventful trip ! 

I'm already missing having my cousin and his friend around ! Even though they were from Brisbane, they had so many friends in Melbourne and I had the privilege to meet some of them. Having family around is always fun. Already looking forward to their next visit !!!!

Blogpost on Great Ocean Road trip soon. 
and for everyone who just started semester 2, have fun ! 

Stay tuned xx

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