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Exam times are stressful times, and personally, desserts are the most effective tool to destress. Why else do you think desserts is stressed spelled backwards ? It flips stress around ! 

So if you can't actually tell from my waistline, I love desserts, more specifically macarons and cakes. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean I eat every kind of cake as I tend to be very picky. Just to name an OCD that I have when it comes to cake, I never take white / cream coloured cake. Yes, even the colour of the cake can turn me off. 

Few years ago, in exchange of an iPod touch, my cousin made me a crepe cake and since then not only have I been begging him to make it again, I have been searching high and low for a crepe cake as good as his. Almost to the point that (I think) I am willing to trade another iPod touch ! 

Which was why I jumped at the opportunity to try Mille & B's Mille Crepe Cakes

Beta version of the milo flavoured crepe cake. 

Matcha and Adzuki bean $63

With every bite, the paper thin matcha crepes melts in your mouth alongside the light fluffy pastry cream. Honestly, I think I can eat this all day every day for breakfast. 

It is so hard to imagine though, the amount of time and effort put into making one of these cakes. It takes a whole lot of dedication, patience and not forgetting skill to perfect this scrumptious dessert and Mille & B delivers exactly that. 

That's my greedy "omg I have dessert" face. 

Other flavours that I am looking forward to try in the near future includes - 

Balsamic Strawberry $59
I am so intrigued by the flavour combination that I think I might close an eye on my no-cream-coloured-cake OCD and have a bite of this. 

Hazelnut-ella Banana $59
I don't think I need to add anymore captions from here on. 

Oreo Oreo $59

Sweet Salted Caramel $63

Double Chocolate $59

Lemon Curd Meringue $59

After looking at all the pictures, I am pretty sure you're feeling as greedy as me now. 
To order your very own crepe cake, visit their newly launched website at 

Alternatively, check out their Facebook page for updates on new flavours and offers ! 

In fact talking about offers, 

Receive $10 off if you purchase a cake before the 30th of June ! 

If though you are a lazy person who don't enjoy reading details, follow them on instagram at 
@MILLEANDB because man, do they have beautiful pictures. Want crepe cake at your doorstep ? They offer delivery within the CBD and various suburbs ! Delivery charges apply. Or if you prefer, free pick up from Carlton. 

Honestly this is one of the happiest and enjoyable blogposts I've ever written. I have so many flavours I have yet to try and I'm really having a hard time trying to decide which to get first. What flavours do you think would be your favourite ? Can't wait to hear more reviews from you guys too ! 

To everyone having exams soon, all the best and please stop procrastinating.
Till next time xx

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