Beautiful Woman 2014

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It has almost been a week since Beautiful Woman 2014 and I am really still so thankful for what God has done during the conference ! 

As the name suggests, this is an annual women's conference by Planetshaker's Church. This year, the event was held at Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre (MCEC) by the Yarra River. 

First of all, thank God for the wonderful location. Not only is it by the serene Yarra River (almost my favourite part of the city), it is also really near the tram stop and DFO shopping outlet ! Perfect for a women's conference because you know how we girls love to wear heels and go shopping. 

Spacious area for all the girls to mingle and socialise. 
The decorations for Beautiful Woman never fails to amaze me. This year's decoration is by far my favourite ! 

Spring lounge for people to chill and have a cup of coffee.

Theme for this year's Beautiful Woman - Made for Worship

Absolutely love the details and the entire spring atmosphere. So girly ! 

Tea break. This weekend I am convinced, that NOBODY, should mess with hungry women. Unless you don't mind being shoved around and trampled on. 

There's even a beauty bar where you can get your hair, nails and make up done, all for free !
So much love for girls !!!

The auditorium filling up with girls. 

This year we have Prophet Cindy Jacobs and the mother of our house, Pastor Sam Evans preaching during the conference. So much healing going on in the auditorium !
 That weekend, God revealed to me about things I have never thought of before, healed broken areas in my life and convicted me on things that  been thinking/doing that does not align with His will. So powerful and  I am so thankful that not only does God have a plan for me, He is also guiding me, leading me, and teaching me as I walk in what He has called me to be in my life. 

Untold and Unusual Favour / Unprecedented Provision / Unmistakable Wisdom / Unreasonable Faith / Undeclared Mysteries / Unstoppable Momentum

The boys  men of Planetuni has also blessed us tremendously during the weekend. 

Our atas invitation to an afternoon out, prepared by the Planetuni men.
Planetuni is the University Ministry at Planetshakers Church. 

All of them suited up, transported us out of the city to a warehouse in North Melbourne and pampered us with good food ! First time noticing how good looking all our Planetuni men are after they put on a suit hahahaha.

Look what the men prepared for us !!!!! 
So amazed by the wide array of desserts and delicious food they prepared. Not forget the first class service with waiters on trays and a photo booth ! 

LOVE that they have my favourite cupcake - Raspberry White Chocolate from Cupcake Central ! 

All the girls awe-ing and taking pictures of the display. 

Girls swarming at the dessert table. 

Men behind the bar serving us drinks. 

This hometown friend - ngong meng looking pretty sharp in a suit ! 

Instant polaroids for the ladies ! 

We just hung around the entire afternoon and had an amazing time with the Urban Life.

Ladies of ULU05 ! 

With Happy, who brings with her so much Happy-ness ! 

Men of ULU05 ! 

Lastly with the entire ULU05. Love these people ! 

On the last night, Voon Jane also managed to join us at the event and both of us went out for a late night Korean soup + drink supper ! 

Also thankful for Brenda who blessed us with delicious home baked cookies. So good I downed it all in 5 minutes. I'm not even kidding. I was munching them down when I was studying and before I even managed to finish a sentence, I realised I finished all the cookies hahahaha.

Amazing amazing weekend. Cannot wait for next year's.
Next year we will be having Planetshaker's Awakening, Beautiful Woman and Mighty Men all combined into one mega conference. Make sure you sign up for the early bird prices ok ! You sure don't want to miss out the early bird price and end up getting a more expensive ticket. You also definitely don't want to  regret not being at the event because its gonna be one of the best times of your life !!! You can sign up online here  . Even if you're not in Melbourne, I assure you you're not gonna regret booking a cheap AirAsia ticket and flying over for the conference. Hope to see you there !!!

Back in Malaysia and loving it ! 

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