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I cannot believe we are almost 20 days into winter now. Time really flies. Just a while ago I was hopping around the park, hearing the soft crunch of dry leaves under my feet and enjoying the autumn breeze. Winter is just gonna be all about strong winds and rain.

But well, that's not all too bad. I can finally put my large coats to use. Although, all that I have been wearing for the past week is my Melbourne University hoodie. Anyway, here are some autumn visuals I took a while ago.

Super winter sonata feel. Or maybe, autumn sonata. 
Can you believe this is the walkway to our exam hall ? 
How awesome is life as a University student ?? 

Old Quad. 
It was on the day the cast of The Moon and Sun featuring Fan Bingbing and Pierce Brosnan came to our Uni to film one of their scenes. 

That's all I have for now. Hopefully I will have more time soon to go out and take more pictures.
Also, its almost the end of the financial year for Australia ! That also means sales are exploding everywhere but to my amazement, the urge to shop hasn't kicked in at all ! Probably because I am saving up for bigger plans in the future. Exciting stuff happening in the next two years and I can't wait ! 

Till next time xx

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