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I used to be an avid online shopper. I would hunt down deals that I can possibly get my hands on, and search for discounted items even when I don't really need (or even like) it. It was an extremely unhealthy habit and it didn't help either that my wardrobe was almost bursting with clothes.

It has been almost half a year now since I last online shopped and I must say, it has been going really good. Nevertheless, I still do check online shops very frequently and it surprises me that many people still hasn't heard of Unidays !

This is possibly my favourite website of all time. When I used to run out of places to shop, I actually scroll through Unidays to look at the available offers. Basically, Unidays is a website where you get discount codes for various shops simply by being a University student ! 

Amount of discount often varies. For example recently Asos had a 25% student discount which applies to everything, even on sale items !  

What I love about this website is the variety of shops offering discounts. Not only are there shops for apparel, there are also shops like Fing'rs which specialises on Nail Products, Polaroid has everything has got to do with polaroid cameras and Mybag which is, as the name suggests, focuses on bags.  

Few of the my favourite stores that offer discounts are :  
The Iconic, Glue Store, Topshop and Topman, Misguided, Urban Outfitters and Asos

So if you are a University student who loves shopping and you don't have an account on Unidays, you're paying extra money that doesn't have to be spent ! Register HERE to start saving ;)

Till next time xx

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