The story of Calvin and I

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In response to the many questions I have received, Calvin and I have actually been together for almost a month already. To commemorate our first month together, we have decided to go public, and write this blogpost together !

How we met 

A friend introduced him to me, and it was almost like love at first sight because I think he is extremely good looking and outgoing. Not the sporty kind of man but intelligent, classy and charming.

When we first started going out, we would go to the most beautiful places (Not the zoo yet, but that is the dream !), and after spending so much time together, I realised how much I care for Calvin. I would even worry if he goes under the rain without an umbrella. I'm really taking on the role of his mother here.

The morning we watched the sun rise from my balcony. 
Love spending moments like these with him ! 

Enjoying the view of the city on the day we chilled by the lake while we watch the sun set.  

Also, did I tell you that he takes amazing pictures ? 
He understands how vain I am so he knows exactly how to produce beautiful high quality pictures so that I don't make him take the picture over and over again hahaha.  

Don't know, I even like the candid pictures he takes. 

Most recently, Top Paddock before church. 

Calvin has really been a huge part of me in the past month and I enjoy every single moment spent with him. It is never boring being with this one. I can't wait to introduce him to my family when he goes back with me to Malaysia this winter. Excited to be spending more of my days with him. 

I just realised there isn't any pictures of Calvin is this blogpost. Here you go.

In response to everyone who has been asking what camera I use, its Calvin, my Fujifilm X100s


Feeling extremely pleased with myself. You have no idea how long I've wanted to this. 
HAHAHAHAHA. Oh why can't my brain think of more sensible things. 

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