Sydney adventures.

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Definitely, Sydney has much more to offer than just food and more food. Moving to the city of Melbourne has opened my eyes to how different life is living in the city, in contrast with my little town of Sitiawan. Sydney though, brought it to another level with its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets.

Had the time of my life visiting my family in Sydney. Here are some visuals.

Dreaming about the Sydney weather now that I'm in freezing Melbourne.

Its like an OPI warehouse sale. 

With my autistic cousin who has been featured in numerous papers around the world ! Most recently a two full page feature on The Edge Weekenders. Bringing his unique perspective into life through his drawings, he has met countless successes in his artistic career.  He has a store at The Rocks market on the weekends so do check him out ! 

Bondi on a sunny day. 

Best thing about a cousin as vain as you and has a similar camera to yours ?
#OOTD frenzy all day everyday. 

Darling Harbour evening stroll. 
Beaches and piers are one of my favourite places to be and its so wonderful that Sydney has plenty of both. 

At Hillsong's Easter service.  My first time at a mega church and wow, I must say that I am mind blown. The amount of people, the presence of God and the hearts of each one there. It was just off the top. 

Lights, balloons and confetti. Who knew church could be this fun. 

The view was breathtaking. We spent hours, just taking pictures of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, both iconic structures of Sydney. Apart from the beautiful architecture that I never get bored of, the sunset was stunning. 

Dining as the sun sets over the Harbour Bridge ? Sounds amazing. 

This Sydney trip has definitely left a significant mark in my memory as one of the most beautiful trips I've had. From being able to calmly stroll along the banks, to witnessing the majestic sun set over the horizon, it just makes me so grateful to be alive; grateful for being blessed with the finances, and for being young enough to have the time.  

Ending this post with an #OOTD

Details : 
Skirt and top : Forever 21
Leather bracelet : Kikki.K
Bag : Louis Vuitton Empriente 25

Hype me on !

Till next time xx. 

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