Love Vintage and Retro Fair.

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After two years, I've finally visited the annual Love Vintage and Retro Fair ! 

Located at the Royal Exhibition Buidling, the Melbourne fair ran from 16th May - 18th May. Numerous performances, retail stores and makeover booths were set up to be enjoyed by all the vintage lovers. Tickets are required for entry. 

I have always been interested in everything vintage and the fair definitely opened my eyes and revealed how little I actually know about vintage / retro fashion. All the visitors of the fair seemed to be experts in comparison to me. Not only did they take note on the different eras some prints and styles originated  they also have such an eye for detail especially with the fabric.

On to some pictures I took on the day ! 

One of the first things you see when you step into the building. Vintage cars on display!

Feels odd that in a few weeks time I will be stepping into this building for my exams. 

Fur and tweed in all its glory. 

Love the bold prints on the dresses and the scarves. 
If you are lucky enough, you may actually land yourself on a good deal for some branded goods. 

Vintage Chloe heels anyone ? Salvatore Ferragamo/Chanel has also made frequent appearances in other vintage markets I've been to. 

How suave is this Jaguar ? 

Vintage makeover stand by Lindy Charm School for Girls. 

If you find a particular era is too old fashioned for your liking, they have extremely cute and demure stalls too ! 

I was so tempted to get some smoothie bottles / candles from Soda Lime ! 

There was also a vintage toy store that had really unique and old school toys. 

Tons of vintage collectible cars were seen on display.

Bigger cars for bigger people too. 

Topping all off with some fairy floss ! 

I managed to get a bargain on two crops, a skirt and a vintage denim from the 1980s. Pretty good deal I reckon considering the quality and the fact that the chance of bumping into someone wearing the same thing on the streets of Melbourne is highly unlikely. 

Lastly, my attempt on a simple vintage look for the day. 

Since its autumn, thought I would bring out some brown. 

Dress : Primark 
Short Trench Coat : MNG

Twas a good afternoon spent. Will definitely be back for the next vintage and retro fair ! 
Till next time xx. 

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