The Grain Store featuring Hanna.

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Saturday mornings in Melbourne are arguably one of my favourite time of the week. Especially when the sun is out and rain clouds are nowhere to be seen. 

Last week I decided to bring Hanna, my Swedish housemate who is here on exchange, to try Australian brunch and experience the environment. What better place than The Grain Store ?

The Grain Store | 517 Flinders Lane. 

We were lucky to be able to snag a seat immediately at 11am. 

Mocha | Latte. 

Hi errbodyyy, meet my house mate Hanna ! 

Sweet Corn Bilini, Avocado and Blood Sausage $18
poached eggs, crisp red cabbage, pear and cider relish, boudin noir crumbs

I never fully understand what I order and I always have to google what I eat. 
Boudin Noir means pork blood, and to be honest I wouldn't say this is my favourite dish because personally I couldn't stand the taste of the blood, and the sausages had a certain smell of pork that I didn't enjoy. The poached eggs though was cooked to perfection. 

House Smoked Trout Omelette and Crisp Potato $19
Vanilla leeks, whipped goats curd, chipotle romesco salsa, crispy qiunoa.

This one's a winner. I could devour it all by myself under 5 minutes I reckon. The omelette had the right balance of moisture and the toppings of caviar and salsa complemented the dish very well. The crisp potato on the side was delicious all on its own. 

Decided to check out the pastries on display : 

Love the interior of the whole place and would totally come back just for the ambience ! It does get a little crowded near lunch time, but we were lucky to be seated at a cosy corner, on a long beautiful wooden table with good lighting and our own private space.

Outfit details : 
Denim on Denim. 

Jacket Dotti
Sunflower top Primark
Boyfriend Jeans Levi's
Reva Flats Tory Burch
Speedy empreinte Louis Vuitton.

Everyday accessories. 

I am now committed to resume regular blogging after going on un-informed hiatus over and over again ! This time however, I would like to let my pictures speak, because nobody wants to read a large chunk of text, right right ?

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