Saturday, April 19

Melvin's 20th @ Nobu

Birthday celebrations are my favourite. It was Melvin's 20th, so we headed to Nobu situated at Crown Casino to celebrate the occasion. Since he was a Signature Club member, it meant everyone gets a complimentary glass of sparkling wine and a piece of Nobu's cake ! 

My third visit at Nobu and I'm still not sick of it. Probably because of the tiny portion they serve. Although I've always preferred to fine dine with my family, where my dad pays and I don't have to feel the burn or eat grass after, this bunch, who brought along their kampung styles made the dining experience all the more enjoyable. 

Yellowtail Sashimi with JalapeƱo $23

Salmon Tataki with Karashi Su Miso $20

Free Range Pork belly with Honey Mustard and Apple Ginger Aioli $34

Whole Poussin with Moro Miso $38

 Black Cod with Miso $49

Judging from their expressions, you can tell that the food is nothing short of amazing, especially the black cod miso. Commenting on the portion of the food,  our dear friend Alnick from Adelaide says, and I quote 
"So, where are we going for dinner later ?"

Strawberry white chocolate. 
Everyone was only entitled to one piece but oh it was delicious. 

Honoured to be able to do life with this one ! 

Outfit of the night : 

Lace Dress Dotti
Clutch Tory Burch Reva Clutch
Heels  Kandee Shoes

It was the first time my 6-inch Cherry Twist Kandee Shoes saw daylight and it definitely garnered quite an attention from passerbys. This won't be the last time. 

Ending this post with a picture of Alnick and I trying to look fierce and cool. 
Guess it doesn't work. I just look sleepy here. 

What a night. Will be flying to Sydney in a few hours and I am pumped ! More good food to come. On the topic of me eating grass, winter is coming guys, the grass are dying. 


Junkyo No Hikari said...

woa Happy Birthday :D

btw your picture always looks so beautiful ^__^

dat sure such nice smile :D ahaha..

I love the food decoration <3

ahahaha.. that pict make me wanna laugh.. that expression so live ahaha :3

yum yum yum.. Nobu Cake.. does it contain alcohol? anyway it looks so cute and yummy <3 hehe

the last pict looks like expression of Ic photo :D but still looks nice hehe.. :D

I wanna go to Sydney too...
have fun ride :D enjoy your day :D

Holly said...

What a fun party! You look like a Hollywood star in your beautiful dress and shoes. Happy birthday to your friend!

Aik said...

Happy birthday to Melvin! BTW, I love your outfit! But those heels are so high they look hard to balance in! :D