What I've been up to.

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As four weeks of Uni and March simultaneously comes to an end, I am happy to say that life has been good. Sure, there were assignments and worries, but in a sense this semester I have been feeling this sense of fulfilment in life, like I am actually making progress in things I want to get done. Apart from blogging that is, my Budapest post has been in draft for a month now.
Here are some of the things I have been doing :

#1 Revamped my wall. 

I used to have tonnes of pictures right above my bed. Now I only have pictures of my family and minimal stickers on my wall, making my room look much cleaner ! 
Also, I have been folding my sheets every single morning since I came back in an attempt to be more feminine and neat. EVEN when I'm late. #truestory. 

#2 I have been cooking. 

I actually really have been cooking very often now. Cooking is actually very very enjoyable ! 

This is my 3rd attempt at making cream cheese tarts. If you have seen the ones I made before, you would think I increased a million levels.  

Beer wings I had for dinner ! 
So much yums and so easy to make. The only hard part was to actually buy the beer. I only managed to buy a bottle of Carlsberg on my 3rd visit to the liquor store because I kept on forgetting my ID. 

#3 I also have been eating a lot of brunches.

and a lot of coffee too. 

because, please, this is Melbourne. 

Also, my pictures look very nice right ? That is because I went and spent money on all the VSCO cam filters hahaha. That is how serious I am with my Instagram posts ok.

#4 But I have been exercising too ! 

Ok Colour Run was a lie. We didn't even run. 

but I went for Nike Run and I vow to go every Monday starting next week. I've also signed up for Uni gym and have been jogging a fair amount. Which is vital to keep my waistline in check from point #3 above. 

#5 #OOTD

Yes, I have progressed from #inelevator

Milano elevator says hi. 

To #notinelevator

I can tell you what I HAVEN'T been doing : I haven't been shopping. 

ITS TRUE. I haven't shopped for apparels/shoes ever since I came back to Melbourne, and that is boys and girls, A MONTH AGO. A year ago, that would be almost impossible but I am truly proud of my progress in curbing this horrible addiction. 

If you are looking to rid your shopping addiction too, here is a simple trick that I used on myself -
I overturned my wardrobes and put my old clothes on top, and new clothes at the bottom. This made me realise how much clothes I have, but don't wear. Now, I make an effort to pair up different apparels and constantly create new looks so that I don't get bored of my clothes and buy new ones ! You will be amazed at how magical it is. I would wear an old skirt out, and people would ask me if I just went shopping recently. 

Also, I am trying to save up as much money as I can because I want to get a new camera !! Currently I'm taking all my pictures using my Samsung Galaxy S4 and although it is really convenient with filters and photo enhancing apps readily available, I do want to get a proper camera and take beautiful pictures. 

I aspire to be a tumblr photographer lol. 
Does anyone have any recommendations ? I am looking for Compact System Cameras below $1000. Knowing myself, without advice from people, I would end up getting a camera that looks pretty. Like the one Choi Min Ho used in "To The Beautiful You"

In my defence, there are many positive reviews on Samsung cameras.
I need it before Easter break in April so please throw me some recommendations !!!!!!

#6 I have been hanging out with people a lot. 

From study nights to birthday parties. 

I am actually starting to try and go out more, and socialise more. I think I am in love with sitting on the couch and talking about endless rubbish. 


Yes I am definitely making progress. I have really been trying to stop skipping lectures. Project Management and Organisational Behaviour however, are subjects that do not deserve 2 hours of my Mondays and Fridays. I have walked out on both lectures after the first hour, out of pure boredom. Being in the lecture actually makes studying at the library really enjoyable haha. I wonder when I'll actually curb this habit of truancy. Probably never. 

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