Fatty, bigger fatty and flower's birthday.

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THIS, is a really late post.

Fatty bro - Dewen's birthday.

IMG_2223 copy
DE KING. wtf he actually came up with the nickname himself. What a fatty.

IMG_2220 copy
One does not simply smile.

IMG_2224 copy
The boss, looking like he just jumped out from the fighting for independence chapter in history books.

IMG_2244 copy
The kids !

IMG_2266 copy
My present for fatty.

IMG_2270 copy
I can't understand boys and football, let alone boys with bright colored football shoes.

IMG_2302 copy
Being bullied by cousin :O

Few days later it was bigger fatty and flower's birthday.
IMG_2361 copy

Yeah, le cousins have cool nicknames.

IMG_2317 copy
Big fatty with epic face is epic.

IMG_2354 copy
The whole family.

IMG_2376 copy
Mean cousins bullying me again. :O :O

Will update more about Aussie some other time.
Maths is hard, Physics is hard, English is hard. I still cannot get over the fact that I got good results in the English test, got into one of the best classes, but has presentation on like 3rd week of school when every other class gets to chill, look at hot China boys and do their summaries/essays on themselves. My timetable sucks laaaaaaaa. NO FATE.

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