2014 Semester 1 goals.

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I found it always extremely helpful to list my goals down, so instead of writing it in a private dairy, I have decided to list it all down here, to give all of you an opportunity to tease and mock me if I don't achieve any of the listed. Here goes !

#1 Be more of a woman.

I am the girl who talks loudly on the tram, the girl who puts her leg up in tutorials / lecture, the girl who spills her drink, drops her pens and slams the doors really hard. I don't even think I was just describing a girl. Nevertheless, I have been definitely trying, to be more gentle and feminine. Please, I even started putting on eyeliner so that I would stop rubbing my eyes like a child. Is this why majority of my friends are male and why I don't have a boyfriend ? Pretty much I guess.

#2 Lose 10kgs.


Ok you can stop laughing now, I know, not a single person who knows me will have faith in me on this. BUT, I made a bet with my mum that if I lose 10kgs, she will give me $1000 AUD, if not, I will have to pay her. So for the sake of my money, well, we'll see. I've even went for Nike Run. I CAN DO THIS.

#3 Stop shopping.

I know I've said #2 and #3 like for the millionth time but this time I'm serious !
Shopping quota for this semester : 1 apparel and 1 pair of shoes.(New Balance, someone sponsor me)
I think I've been doing a pretty good job leh. I've unsubscribed all my shopping emails (even deleted the ones with really good deals on it), haven't shopped with Myers and David Jones even though I have gift cards from both of them, haven't had the slightest desire to shop, and ignored every single information about deals. Yup I'm on my way.

#4 Study more and go for lectures.

I will aim to attend (hopefully) every lecture from now on.
Ok maybe not ALL my lectures, but MOST of them ok ? Baby steps. I mean, no way am I gonna endure 2 hours of Project Management on Mondays anymore. Maybe I try to go like, alternative week la, but I will definitely try my best to be up to date on all my homework and lectures.

Last semester I skipped Quantitative Methods 1 lectures so much, that a week before the exam, I didn't know what the subject was about, I didn't recognise my lecturer and I was just so lost. Even though I still got a H1 (WHAT A MIRACLE), I'm not gonna do that anymore !

#5 Meet more people.

I don't think my friends will believe this, but there are times when I actually shake / stammer when I talk to strangers. People say I seem confident but most of the time I'm a nervous wreck. I like talking to people but its not that easy to initiate a conversation in Uni. This semester I want to meet people from different backgrounds and be able to talk to people more confidently.


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