Prague, Czech Republic.

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Finally sort of sorted the pictures from my Europe70 trip. I must say, as convenient a Macbook can be, transferring pictures on this machine is too troublesome !

I had an unusually long Christmas break during my volunteering, so I did some travelling around central Europe. Without further ado, here are some Prague visuals.

We arrived at Prague on Boxing Day and personally, I think it was the best time to be there due to the festive atmosphere ! 

Every hour, crowds of people gather in front of the clock for the Astronomical clock show. I was pretty disappointed, but I went home and googled about it. I guess you would have to study on the details and story of the clock to really appreciate it. 

Couldn't possibly miss the Christmas Market at the Old Town Square ! 

Christmas company.

Surprised that the Czechs can handle really spicy food. 

Utilised our only full day in Prague to visit its historical sites. 
It is really convenient in Prague as everything is accessible by foot, trams are available too. We were rewarded with this beautiful view at the end of one of the bridges.

Too sunny. No sunglasses. Bo bian. 

Decided to exercise and walk up the hill to the TV tower instead of catching the uphill tram like all the other tourists did. 

Was a little bored today so I played with Photoshop again. Getting so rusty now ! 

Honestly, the view on the way up was very pleasant. Nevertheless, I would recommend going up by tram and coming down by foot. We were breathless before we reached the TV tower. So we paid extra to catch the elevator to the top of the tower. All the other tourist walked up the stairs. It was quite funny to see everyone panting and red-faced at the top of the stairs ha-ha.

One of the best view of Prague. So beautiful we didn't want to leave ! 

In fact, we stayed at the top of the tower for so long (pushing other tourists out of the way to get a better view), that we missed the Prague Castle changing of the guards at 12pm. The viewing platform was small, and it was really crowded, so if you don't squeeze your way to the front, all you'll be doing is sniffing armpits of camera men with huge camera kits. 

Eventually made our way to the Prague Castle by foot where we were greeted by this view. 
It was sunny and wasn't too cold. Perfect day for walking, thus explains the strings and strings of tourists walking on the streets, and an occasional Czech car trying to weave through the crowd. 

Poor guard outside the Castle. Tell me honestly, what is the first thing you want to do when you see a poor guard that has to stand motionless while thousands of tourists take pictures of him ?

Make him laugh of course. What else. 
We didn't succeed though. His rifle was too intimidating. 

St Vitus Cathedral. 
The Bohemian Baroque features of its buildings were truly magnificent. 

Historical events clearly left their stain on the walls of the building.

Such beauty. Much wow. 

At the foot of the Castle. The only place I've been that day that wasn't crowded with tourists.
View of Charles Bridge from the river bank. If you look at the picture really closely, you will see that the whole bridge looks like its filled to the brim with people.

And it was true. I had to strain my neck, push through people and squeeze between couples by the bridge just to have a look at some of the famous statues along the bridge. 

Nevertheless, the view was again, breathtaking at sunset. 

As the sun has gone down, we headed back into the Old Town centre for a little souvenir shopping and dinner. What to buy in Prague ? 


You've heard me right. The Austrian brand is in fact, cheaper in Czech Republic. So if you are looking for the cheapest place to buy your favourite crystals, Prague is the place to go ! If however you find Swarovski too tacky or mainstream, Czech Republic is also famous for its Bohemian Crystals ! 

The highlight of our last night in Prague however, wasn't the crystal haul or the beautiful lights at the town square. It was a super super super super super cute Czech Republic boy who sat across our table at the sushi train. As Asians, we couldn't stand not having rice anymore and we definitely didn't regret our choice. The Czech boy was so cute, that all 5 of us turned our heads to pretend to stare at the sushi train for a whole half hour before he left with what seems like his mother. I vote Czech boys the cutest. He's even cuter than Ok Taecyeon. This makes him the cutest boy in the planet according to my list. *squeals. 


We stayed at Happy Prague Apartments  located in Old Town and I highly recommend this place. 
Not only does it have a 9.3/10 rating on, it is also a 14th century UNESCO protected building. Imagine living in a historical building ! 

Initially, we booked a 4 person apartment and the 5th person was required to pay 60EUR/night. The staff on hand however, was kind enough to let us have a larger apartment in the building situated on the ground floor. We had everything ! From washing machine, to a kitchen equipped with salt and pepper, and a ginormous living room ! 

Image from Google.

Only downside was the noise, and that anyone could look through our ground floor window. As there are many pubs and bars surrounding the apartment, the street outside was bustling on a Friday night. One drunk girl sat outside my window wailing until the wee hours of the morning, explaining much of my eye bags the next day.

Note : There are no elevators in this building, so if you have heavy luggages, good luck. 

Getting to Prague

We caught a train from Krakow, Poland to Prague. Booked through  and I was so amazed by their fantastic service ! The owner of Polrail actually goes through every single booking and make sure that nothing goes wrong. In fact, I didn't realise a mistake on one of my bookings, that was booked for January instead of December. Polrail realised the odd booking and contacted me before they printed my tickets. Not only did they not charge me for changing the booking, they even refunded the excess amount ! Totally saved my life. 

On the other hand, we left Prague by Eurail with a 3 country, 5 day pass. It was rather disappointing. Not only was the pass overpriced, we also had to make our own seat reservations by phone. It would be considered cheap and useful if you are travelling between a few countries numerous times in a week though. 

Prague really took my breath away. Although I think the whole Old Town is dedicated to tourists and foreigners, the beautiful architecture, friendly (and good looking) people, and bright lights around the city has pushed Prague up on my list, to one of my favourite cities in the world. Can't wait to be back here again, and next time, for more than 2 days definitely !

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