Chinese New Year 2014

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If you ask me what is my favourite time of the year, I would say Chinese New Year, hands down. It is the time of the year I reunite with family and friends I haven't seen for a year, get teased for the same things every year (y u gain weight, y u no bf), the time of the year we can drink and gamble freely, and most importantly, ANGPAO. 

This year, my CNY eve was rather eventful. My flight was scheduled that I would arrive in Malaysia the night before CNY eve, and I would return to Sitiawan with my sister who is working in KL. That story is for another time, for now, long story short, Emirates delayed my flight for 24hours causing me to almost miss reunion dinner altogether.

Thank God for the best driver ever and clear roads, I made it home for dinner !

Usual reunion dinner with dad's family by the tennis court !

Twinsies with big bro ! 
Romper from Miss Selfridge.
Was far too tired to hunt for contact lenses, or deal with my out of control hair that night. 
The Lings. 
Usually every year, we would chill by the tennis court and simply watch the sky, when the whole neighbourhood would light up in fireworks and we would have the best 360degrees view. This year however was rather quiet. 
First day of CNY 
The usual red wine mee sua. My absolute favourite !!!!
Mum always adds so much of the homemade red wine and everyone ends up red faced after a meal. Whaddup we get tipsy over red wine mee sua wtf. 
Forever 21. Actually a playsuit instead of a high-low dress. 
In love with the bareback and all this for less than 10USD. 
I love you Black Friday sales. 
With the SibLINGS hurhur. 
Twinsie brothers. Doesn't help that they look alike too.
Big bro !
and my pretty sister ! 
Spent the entire day with #Lee clan, munching on kuachi as we chat about almost everything. 
The rest of CNY was pretty much repetitive ;
Eat, Gamble, Chill. 
Little cousin taught everyone how to play the chelin, so here is my attempt !
At least I managed to throw it. Good enough la.
Regular #Lee family dinner at my house every night. Squeezing shoulder to shoulder with my cousins, grabbing food before it runs out and loud foochow talking all around. DA BEST. #kampunglyf is the life for me.
This year's special : Pork trotters. 
Cannot understand why I never used to like pork. Now I don't think I can live without it lol.
Another #Lee CNY delicacy. Bird's nest errday all day ! 
Of course this wouldn't have happened without the handwork and dedication of the #Lee kitchen staff 
Missing some of the #Lee sisters but they make the most bombdiggiditz foochow food ! 
I really love everything about Sitiawan and my family. All the noise, all the foochow, all the shouting the gambling, the jokes and the nonsense. Heck, I'm missing it already now that CNY holidays are over and the kids are back to school ! Thankfully I'll be travelling to Ipoh and KL to reunite with them again. 
For now, that was an overview of CNY with the #Lee clan. More posts on Europe up soon ! 

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