Happy New Year

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Another year has passed, and it seems like only yesterday that I was stepping into my first year of University. This year was filled with ups and downs, new experiences and a whole load of fun. Here are some of my most memorable moments of 2013 :

#1  First time everyone is home for CNY in 5 years ! 

IMG_8774 copy

My older brother was in the USA previously, which was why we couldn't celebrate Chinese New Year as a family.

#2 Made my first video

Which is a little embarrassing. I truly appreciate it if you even stifle a laugh.

#3 Admitted into hospital for food poisoning 


Not the best moment of my life really.

 #4 First year student at the University of Melbourne !

IMG_9140 copy

This is by far the biggest event that happened this year. Met so many amazing people and learnt so much both in the classroom and outside.

#4 Met the Abercrombie models !

IMG_3839 copy

Also had to say goodbye to my favourite Indonesian and one of my closest friend in Melbourne.

IMG_0058 copy
This woman takes like the most amazing selfies.

IMG_0067 copy
I don't even know how she makes me like myself so much in our selfies.
I miss you Henny T____T

#5 Jump ship from iPhone to Samsung

IMG_3887 copy
Actually got abit regretting it now. I like the iPhone camera better.

#6 Housewife mode on.
IMG_9169 copy

Had to learn how to cook. I remember being so terrified I would burn down the apartment. I ended up spending half an hour just trying to turn on the stove.

IMG_3763 copy
My noob attempt to bake. I think it tasted nice though,

#7 Failed my driver's test twice.
Just so you know I still can't drive, and I am truly dreading the day I do. All of you who drive on the streets of Sitiawan should dread the day I get my license too.

Jokes, I'll be the best female driver the world has ever met. Just maybe... not yet.

#8 Fell out of love. 

I don't even want to call it love because obsession is the only word that describes it. For the past two years, my eyes were only fixed on one person. At one point it felt like nothing else in this world matters. I felt like I could give up everything and not regret it (even the chance to get into University of Melbourne, and all my possessions including my insane love for shopping and handbags.) 

Falling out of love was completely the opposite. It was when I finally realize how much more I'm missing out on. There is so much more in this world to see and so many more people I have yet met. How could I ever had thoughts like that ????????? Thank God I got over it though, cos I love Unimelb and that means I can keep all my possessions hurhurhur.

#9 Blessed beyond measure

I have really been blessed abundantly this year.
University results
Even found my Gucci sunglasses after losing it for 10 weeks and more !!

#10 Celebrated my 19th with my favourite people in Melbourne.

DSC03076 copy

Whined, cried and made a huge fuss over my friends not having time to celebrate my birthday with me. Turned out to be surprised with a cake. My friends came out even in the midst of piling assigments ! Received a bottle of Chanel perfume and $100 David Jones gift card that I have yet to use !

20131017_003306_1 copy
Words still cannot describe how much I love you guys and appreciate the effort :')

#11 Travelled alone

I am currently on an exchange programme with AIESEC in Poland : read more here and honestly I have never felt so independent before.

Made my way to the Burj Khalifa alone when I transited in Dubai for 17 hours.

Volunteering internship at Warsaw, Poland for 6 weeks.
Currently I am on holiday, and celebrating my NYE in Budapest, Hungary !
By the time I post this, I would have travelled through Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.
Germany in a few days as well ! I LOVE EUROPE.
Poland has really opened up my eyes to the world outside my comfort zone and culture. I was truly shocked culturally but I think I'm coping well. I love this feeling of travelling. The last minute "LETS GO" and the bumps and slips we meet on the way. It all plays into the experience. Excited for more travelling after my internship !!

#12 Had my first beer, and went to the club for the first time.

Liked the alcohol, hated the beer. Except maybe Apple beer and Cherry beer lol.
My friend in Melbourne now calls me an "alky". Seems like I won't be let off the hook from alcohol when I get back to Melbourne.

#13 Flashed by a cyclist, almost kissed by a drunkard. 
Not exactly memorable, but it is something ... iconic(?) of 2013.
I attract weird people. I don't even know why. My project mate was just wondering out loud that day about how she's completely fine with drunk people and nobody ever bothers her but I on the other hand, am terrified of drunk people (and all weird people in general), yet when something happens, it happens to me.


#14 Ushered in the new year being squashed between unbelievably tall (and handsome) Hungarians.
Cannot believe he first thing that happened to me in 2014 was have cold beer spilled down my shirt because that was how squashed I was between the crowd.  NYE in Budapest was unlike KL or Sydney. Instead of everyone fixated on the fireworks, there was a really good DJ and an open air party in the center of the city.

So, this year I want to make different New Year resolutions from the ones before.

  1. Live life to the fullest and not fear the little things. 
  2. Get at least a 75% average in Uni.
  3. Learn to love more and be more patient with people. 
  4. Head out more at night and not stay home like a nerd/grandma all the time.
  5. Get a job. 

I guess thats it haha. I can always add throughout the year. 
Feeling really sick on the first day of 2014 but I'm believing its gonna be an amazing year ! Its gonna be filled with pleasant surprises and just a tremendous outpouring of blessing. It will be a year to remember. All the best, everyone, and Happy New Year !!!!!!

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