What do you do in Poland ?

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That would be the second most-asked question I've had for the past month. The first is

Why did you choose Poland ?

I will leave my reasons till next time. Today I will be blogging about what I do in Poland on a daily basis. I am not going to even deny it, Warsaw is pretty boring. 

Just as an introduction, I came to Poland through AIESEC on a programme called the Global Community Development Programme. Basically it is a exchange programme to volunteer abroad. The project I am on is relatively different to the others, as we work for an actual non profit organisation and are referred to as interns sometimes. (Other projects usually are more involved in kindergardens). The non profit organisation that I am in is known as Dr. Clown Foundation, which is also the biggest NGO in Warsaw. Basically our job involves visiting schools to present about ourselves, helping out at the office but more often giving out gifts and spreading the joy of Christmas at hospitals.

IMG_9728 copy
First day at school presenting on Australia. 

The adorable Polish kids !!!!! Suddenly want to work in a kindergarden after coming here.

IMG_9732 copy
Giving out Australian koala souvenirs. 
Side note I look damn fat here la. United Colors of Benetton does nothing to compliment me.
I've only been eating one meal a day so I don't think I'll be gaining a lot of weight right ?????


The kids had to ask permission to stand up or talk. Or else it will be like illustrated in the picture. Magda, a girl from the NGO calls it armageddon

IMG_9739 copy
With the lovely kids and their clown noses ! 

Visited quite a lot of hospitals during the past two weeks. 
IMG_9794 copy
Lydia and I are supposedly Santa's little helpers and Dennis is Santa.

IMG_9834 copy
With the other volunteers. It was really fun cos they were rollerblading across the hospital halls and just popping into random wards giving the sick children a great time. 

IMG_9822 copy

Another intern from Mexico arrived recently
IMG_9840 copy
Bringing her to Zapiecek for the first time. We had Zapiecek 4 times in 2 weeks ! 

IMG_9881 copy
Little induction for her with Mery, our AIESEC coordinator. 
This was the dinner I almost fainted at. I'm either allergic to prawns, or Jack Daniels, or both. 


I used to hate snow soo much. I'm sorry but I dreaded going skiing. I only like snow when I'm indoors as I always get frostbites on my hands and feet no matter what I wear. 

This time however I was really excited for snow. 
Except maybe when we have to walk home at night. 

We were scheduled to decorate the trees on Nowy Swiat, one of the main streets in Warsaw.
It was extremely tiring, not forgetting FREEZING. Nevertheless it was a really unique experience and a whole load of fun.

20131207_140135 copy
We decorated so many trees I can't even count anymore ! It was really soo cold. I wore two gloves but hands were so cold I couldn't feel them. My feet hurt so badly despite wearing Dr Martens (which I thought were super military boots that will protect my feet. LIES). I literally ran into the cafe during our breaks and after the job. It was so cold. 

IMG_9871 copy
But very satisfied for being able to play a large part in making the street beautiful for Christmas !

When I'm not doing any of the things mentioned above, I'm just sitting here, blogging, or browsing lookbook.nu, watching How I Met Your Mother and getting fat over junk food. Desperately need to travel somewhere. Travelling Central Europe in a week's time but for this week, we're still planning on where we can go. Any ideas, anyone ?

Picture credits : Dennis.

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