Overlooking Warsaw

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Having the sun shining through our bedroom in Warsaw is truly a rare occasion. It was great weather few days ago, so we decided to head up to the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science, tallest building in Warsaw, for the 360 degree view of the city of Warsaw.

It was beautiful.

IMG_1436 copy

It was really serene and peaceful on the 30th floor, inducing me to reflect and ponder on the things going through my life and the future.

IMG_1438 copy

First thing that went through my head was

"Wow, I live on the 31st floor in Melbourne ?"

Despite living on the 31st floor in Melbourne and having magnificent views especially during sunsets, it doesn't beat the view in Warsaw. Living in a city like Melbourne, that has buildings towering high above 40 floors, the view I get on the 31st floor are most often views of someone else's apartment bedroom.

IMG_1444 copy

"This city is a fighter"

Having being completely destroyed in WWII, I couldn't help finding a thing or two I can learn from Warsaw. The spirit of this city is something I am amazed at. To me, it is a city that fought courageously for itself. A city that picked itself up from the dust and rebuilt itself to be what it is today. 

"You can complain about your situation, or you can stand up and do something about it."
was what it told me. And thinking about it, it is really speaking into the situation I am currently in. 

Paranomic views with my phone 

20131202_143755 copy

20131202_143252 copy

Risked dropping my phone to take these pictures but it was well worth it !
I am so glad we went up to the top of the Palace because I'm really starting to love this city.

Actually don't know if its good to get too attached to this city. I felt so sad and moody when I booked my plane ticket to go UK at the end of my volunteering work because I don't think I would want to leave this place for good T__________T. 

Nevertheless, booked everything for my Christmas getaway! It will be my first Christmas away from my family but we'll be spending it in "Krakow, the most festive city in Poland" as quoted by TripAdvisor, so I am pretty excited about it. 

Gonna be spending NYE in Budapest which is also gonna be huhmazingazingazing.


Also, the long awaited Vsco Cam is finally available on Android !!!!!!

Honestly I have had thoughts of getting an iPhone just because of this app but of course I'm not that crazy, or that rich. IM SO HAPPY MY LIFE IS COMPLETE.

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