Museum hopping.

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Last weekend, the other interns and I had the privilege of visiting various museums in Warsaw under the guide of Michał. We visited the National Museum, Royal Castle, the Uprising Museum and the Jewish Museum over two days.

When Michał first introduced himself, I thought he said "ni hao" in Mandarin. I thought it was rather weird he didn't tell me his name, but I didn't. Later I found out Michał, Polish for Michael is pronounced Mee-hao (I think). I love these interesting Polish names and Polish words !

Michał is undoubtedly one of my favourite person in Poland. He was super nice, showing us around Poland despite having exams. He also knows a lot, from art to history to vodkas so it was really fun talking to him as there was so much to learn from him ! Like most Polish, he is exceptionally tall for me, and it was really fascinating cos the first time I met him, his legs were so long he didn't have to go around the little poles by the road, he could just walk over it. Also because he's tall and speak Polish, he kind of gave me this sense of assurance. Almost like a dad, or a brother who would chase punks away even though he's only one year older than me.

End of introduction of our tour guide.

National Museum

IMG_1287 copy
It was a rainy morning and I really couldn't wait to get inside ! 

IMG_1289 copy
Tickets for students were 10 złoty, about RM10. 
Note that I purposely copy paste the ł from Google cos I think its pretty cool hehehe łoł. Ok no thats not how you use it I think. 

IMG_1299 copy

Plenty of interesting artwork. Didn't take a picture of my favourite artwork but you can use your imagination. My favourite was a painting of a bunch of people at a tea party. Everyone looked so happy and the colours were really vibrant. 

IMG_1300 copy
A majestic painting Jan Matejko
Forgot how to pronounce his name but I know Jan is Polish for John. 
I wish I knew more about the history and culture of Poland to be able to analayse everything that is happening in this painting ! 

IMG_1305 copy
Another painting I liked of Nowy Świat

There were many other paintings of things from the Bible, and it was then that I realized how unfamiliar I am with the Bible despite being a Christian and spending my childhood in church. I should read the Bible more. 

IMG_1295 copy
Painter painting a painting of a painting. 

I wished the paintings had more description and history behind it. There were so many interesting pieces I wanted to know more about but there wasn't too much information. Nevertheless, Michał was very informative and knew a lot about the artists and artwork. 

IMG_1307 copy
Michał leading us on. 

I have quite a lot of pictures with Michał's back in it. Simply because I always follow behind him as he is really easy to follow. Also because he actually makes the picture look nicer and not like a photobomb. Dennis on the other hand, who tirelessly tries to be in my pictures, absolutely ruins the picture with his bright orange jacket and weird poses ! 

20131130_123554 copy
To illustrate my point, I found this pic on my phone. You can see Dennis in blue and Michał in white on the left of this picture. I am sorry Dennis HAHA. 

Group picture before leaving !

Royal Castle

IMG_1318 copy
Loved this place ! It was so majestic and full of the royal vibe. 
Apparently, there was free admission to the castle in November, and we went on the last day of November ! We were so lucky ! 

IMG_1313 copy
The Castle that was rebuilt after Warsaw was destroyed after WWII

IMG_1321 copy
Cannot help but love the paintings on the ceilings. So dreamy. 

IMG_1332 copy

IMG_1337 copy
Walls and ceiling lined with royal gold.

IMG_1345 copy
Love this vintage looking room. 
Somehow some of the colour schemes of the castle reminded me of La Duree's green colour.

20131130_142852 copy
I apologize for the poor quality of this picture as this paranoma was taken with my phone.

IMG_1377 copy
More ceiling art, where the women tak tutup aurat (Malay : didn't hide their intimate parts)

IMG_1351 copy

IMG_1352 copy
I think this is making me seem like a creep haha but he's in my picture again.

IMG_1354 copy
The white stairs were beautiful as well. The whole castle just felt so magical and dreamlike. Michał asked if we would like to live in a place like this. My immediate response was yes ! but after thinking about it ... well no, unless I want to spend an hour finding my way to the exit of my own residence. I much prefer to have a little house by the beach where I have peaceful mornings with a cup of coffee and only the sounds of the sea. 

We were so tired after the whole day so we decided to call it a day.
The next day we headed to the uprising museum.

The Uprising Museum
Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego

Free admission on Sundays ! 

IMG_1395 copy

IMG_1406 copy


IMG_1411 copy

It was a heartfelt visit to the Uprising Museum. I felt so sad looking at everything that has happened. I couldn't even imagine the pain and the difficulty the people had to endure during that time.

IMG_1415 copy

Almost felt like tearing when I learnt about the content of the letters that the people in war used to send to their loved ones. There were letters from soldiers to their families, expressing their worries about their safety, asking if they were alive and just to report that they are alive. 

IMG_1416 copy

IMG_1418 copy

According to our guide, the German used to tie Polish women and children to their tanks, to protect themselves from being attacked by the Polish. My mind took quite some time to comprehend this piece of terrifying information.

When we left the museum, it was raining outside, again and the weather really wasn't really helping in taking the moodiness away. 

Jewish Museum

The museum was in a really modern building where we had to go through metal security sensors and get scanned before we were allowed into the building.

IMG_1421 copy

Intended to take the interior of the building but I was tailing Michał again so he had to be in my picture. Nevertheless, my favourite picture of the day ! 
Like a I'm-busy-I'm-on-a-mission sort of picture.

Sadly, the museum was closed until 2014 but there was a temporary museum that we could visit. It was really rather small and I didn't take much pictures.

IMG_1427 copy
Old trunk that the Jews used in the olden times when they had to travel. 

IMG_1428 copy
The books they read. I'm rather curious why its red. 

Its 10pm now and my eyelids are slowing shutting down. It was a really eventful yet tiring weekend but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked indulging in the art and history of Poland. I'm pretty sure I will be back at the Uprising Museum again before I leave Poland. 

The project I am on is apparently on a halt for some reason. Can't wait for some work to do. Anyway, have a great December everyone !

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