First year, semester two.

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Since all the results are out and I have successfully passed all my subjects, I guess it is the right time to reminiscence the past semester.

I had four subjects : Quantitative Methods, Introductory Macroeconomics, Engineering Systems Design 2 and Linear Algebra and at the start of the semester, I hated it. I didn't hate the studying or the subject but I had an increased amount of contact hours due to my subjects in Engineering and every week, it was just assignments after assignments. Thanks to the choice I made, every subject I was taking was a core subject and I was constantly asking myself SHUWEN Y U BRING THIS ON YOURSELFFFF.

Nevertheless, there was the good and there was the bad.

#1 Quantitative Methods

This was a subject I should've taken in the first semester. Lucky for me, I knew a handful of smart people taking this subject with me. Throughout the semester, it really felt like I didn't take this subject at all.

For a start, I only attended 3 lectures, went to every tutorial but paid absolutely no attention. For the assignments, they were a complete nightmare. I was clueless, but somehow ended up as the leader of the group (these ppl really dunno how to choose leader ah) , and I found it really hard to work with my group mates as they don't really want to reply my texts / whatsapp. The last assignment was the worst because one of them had to leave the country for a while, and we simply didn't have time to meet up and complete our assignment.

But a huge thank you to Elsha Lee and her group, who always allowed me to join discussions, and always letting me work with them and refer their assignments. *cough* how I passed my subject. On the last week of the semester, there were lecture slides I have never SEEN before, and I completely, entirely, did not know anything about the subject. I didn't even go to the review lecture (I know I should've, sorry dad). People kept on telling me things like

"Oh, don't understand now nevermind, you will understand in the exam"

Which made entirely no sense because I didn't understand either before or during the exam. By His grace though, I got a H1 for it. Thank you Jesus.

#2 Introductory Macreconomics

The first few weeks I didn't go to lectures at all simply because I hated the lecturer. He was so racist that I wonder why he's not sacked yet, I kid you not. For weeks he played Jay Chou before lectures, and drawing conclusions from Jay Chou's "Ting ma ma de hua" MV that all Asian international students bring their teddy bears with them when they move to Australia.

After a while hearing many international students complaining about him, I felt a little sorry for him, so I started attending his lectures again. I have the weirdest motivations to attend lectures. I started liking the lecturer more and more and I should admit, sometimes his jokes are quite funny.  I liked him so much to the point that I asked him if he would be my referrer to go on exchange, and we sat down outside the lecture hall to have a nice chat. By the end of the semester, he was one of my favourite lecturers.

If you are wondering, I am from the 9am lecture. He likes the 9am lecture more because according to him, people who wake up early for an Introductory Macroeconomics lecture are people who will succeed in life hahahahaha. I know how the 11am people always get scolded for the tiniest things eg playing on your phone, walking in late, talking. I don't think I've seen him scold the 9am for anything so trivial.

#3 Liner Algebra

I loved this subject. I liked maths, but linear algebra wasn't exactly maths. It was more of ... theory of maths. The theory part was really tedious but the calculations were alright. I had the best lecturer and tutor and surprisingly they were both Malaysian !

The weirdest part was, my lecturer's mum was from Ipoh and has family in Sitiawan. My tutor is from Ipoh and her brother works in Sitiawan. How small can this world be ?? My tutorials were always so fun because my tutor was really helpful and friendly, always providing help whenever we needed.

Honestly, I didn't even know this subject had a weekly assignment due every Monday morning. On the second week of the semester, I was about to sleep on a Sunday night when my friend texted me asking me how to do the assignment. Only then did I know I have a weekly assignment -___- I leapt out of bed and completed it. Thank God my friend texted me.

Halfway through the subject though, we had a change of lecturers and that sort of created havoc in my mind, because the new lecturer was Italian (I think), and as much as I find his accent sexy, I can't really understand him. He also had a really different teaching style. One thing about this subject is, although there are 3 streams, there are 3 different lecturers with 3 different teaching styles so its better to stick to one and not lecture hop. So there was this struggle in transitioning from the Malaysian lecturer I was used to, to the Italian lecturer that talked super fast.

Although it was my favourite subject, it was the subject that I thought I would most likely fail. When I went into the exam hall, my mind was blank. I read questions that I've done before, but couldn't remember how to do. There were even questions that I answered like below :

Question 1 

(a)  Assume I got the answer
(b) Assuming I got the answer in (a), using the answer, ____ (formula)
(c) Assuming I got the answer in (c), ______ (formula)

Once again, don't know how I could've passed this subject without the grace of the Lord.

#4 Engineering Systems Design 2

Aah, the most dreadful subject of them all.

I started with this subject in the worst condition I've ever been in. I overslept on the first day of lab. Which meant I didn't have a group, and had to do a really tedious assignment all by myself. I found out later on, our tedious 40 mark weekly group assignments contributes 2% each to the total subject. WHAT A NUISANCE. 40 MARKS THAT YOU SPEND YOUR WHOLE WEEKEND ON. The assignments weren't just tedious, they were down right hard. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I mean, write a code for tic tac toe ? If I wanted to play tic tac toe, I would use a pen or paper for goodness sake.

Ok fine, I won't say its completely useless because I know even as I am typing on my laptop, someone wrote some complex program to make what I type appear on the screen.

I feel pretty bad for my group mates, because I didn't contribute much to the assignments, especially the programming and mechanics systems because they all required us to write codes on MATLAB and I was CLUELESS. I remember asking my group mate to send me pictures of our assignment before the exam so that I could revise, and I swear it was the first time I saw our own assignment. I'm so sorry my group mates.

Stayed up in the library with other ESD 2 people until 1am the night before the exam. Thank God I met a new friend who taught me stuff that came out in the exam. Which was how I got a H3 for ESD2 ! The thought of having to repeat this subject, and do all these assignments again if I fail, was scarier than anything else. Scarier than the thought of disappointing my dad and having him paying more if I fail. So really, if you're thinking of taking this subject as a breadth, don't do it unless you're really thinking of doing Engineering.

One thing I loved about this subject was how nice the people were. Boys in Engineering are undoubtedly the best I've met so far. They were all so extremely nice and helpful. Not only that, the past ESD2 students even came back to our private Facebook group (yes ESD2 students get their own Facebook group) to share their answers to past year questions with us. So nice I cant even.

The lecturers were really entertaining. Not the programming lecturer but the Digital Systems and Mechanics lecturer. They always added jokes into our assignments and lecture notes. Not forgetting our Mechanics lecturer's effort into making animated slides and writing lame poems (some were pretty good). To further illustrate, here is the final lecture in 2012

And this year they did a Wrecking Ball parody where both of them wore white tank tops. Sadly the video is private.

Nevertheless you can imagine. Or you can search, somewhere on my Insta I posted a snippet.

This is getting a little long winded, therefore I will abruptly end here.

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