Sunday, December 8


I've always made my point that I don't go clubbing. In Melbourne, I've never been. Reasons were highlighted on my blog before but for short : I don't need it.

This may be offensive to some, but meeting different people and hearing stories of what happens in a club on a Friday night, I realize that most people hit the clubs in search for something.
Freedom, de-stress, fun, satisfaction, attention, security, love just to name a few and I knew for sure I didn't need to find any of the mentioned, or anything similar, from the clubs.

But there was a little voice at the back of my head, always questioning how I knew, when I've never even stepped into a club. As much as I convince myself, how can I know without seeing it with my own eyes ? Which was why I decided to follow my project mates to the clubs in Poland.

Stepping into the club proved everything.

As I was dragged onto the dance floor (didn't want to awkwardly stand and watch), I couldn't help noticing the people surrounding me, most of them desperately looking for something. There were girls trying too hard to catch attention of the men standing around, scouting like vultures on which girl they want. It was an interesting and amusing sight, yet at the same time scary to me. I didn't want to make eye contact with anyone because the looks on the faces of the men disgusted me to the point that my whole being was screaming to get out of the place. Of course you can argue that some people genuinely liked to dance and found dancing fun, thus "MOST people".

Recently I met a person who told me that clubbing was his/her way to escape from reality, from all the assignments and all the responsibilities in life. Which left me feeling sorry for him/her, that this form of temporary satisfaction was his/her way of escaping from life. As much as I find it hard to grasp this idea of de-stress (Being in the club was the most stressful thing I've encountered since I arrived here), I noticed many people doing exactly what he/she is doing, losing themselves to numb the pain, hurt and frustrations in life. People in the clubs were downing alcohol like no tomorrow, to "help boost their confidence and courage", I quote from another friend who clubs.

I don't mean to judge, but that is what I perceive. I grew up in a conservative family, where I was taught to always appreciate and protect myself. You can call me conservative, but as I start to be more open to different ideas and views, the more I don't want to follow suit and compromise myself in a moment of "fun".

I guess I'm one who is never heading back to the clubs again. I should stick to my #nerd clubs. Health club, chess club, where me and my mates chill in our Mickey Mouse club house ..................

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