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Something happened a few nights ago and I find it really hilarious after thoroughly thinking and investigating it.

So a few nights ago, Lydia and I were researching on the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum in Krakow, which is a memorial of the Holocaust in World War II and just reading about it was making me feeling depressed and a little terrified/horrified.

I went to bed that night feeling a little scared after looking at the pictures on Google and I had a really hard time trying to fall asleep. Somehow Dennis, the intern from New Zealand fell asleep after me without turning off the lights. In the middle of the night, noises outside our room woke me up from a nightmare about me being in a war. Seeing that the lights weren't turned off, I went to turn it off.

I couldn't sleep at all with the lights turned off but what scared me the most was when Dennis started mumbling random words two beds away. Mumbling is the wrong word. It was stronger than that, and I didn't understand the language. It almost sounded Polish and I was so scared I didn't even dared to open my eyes. I thought he was demon possessed ! I just lay there shaking and praying in tongues silently until dawn. Furthermore, Lydia who was sleeping next to me sounded like she was struggling in her sleep.

The next morning, Lydia woke up and told me that I was mumbling, and struggling in my sleep. :O :O :O :O :O :O :O CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW TERRIFIED I WAS ? I KNEW I SHOULD'VE LISTENED TO MY MOMMA AND NOT READ / WATCH ANYTHING SCARY BEFORE BED


What actually happened you ask ? 

Well for one, Dennis falls asleep while doing things really often, so he didn't intentionally not turn off the lights. The noises outside were from other hostel guests who arrived home late. I get nightmares and dreams easily after reading things so that explains the nightmare about the war.

Dennis later reveals that he sleep talks. He also often makes up his own words and I guess that made me freak out, thinking he was speaking in Polish and being demon possessed. Because I was so scared, I was praying and speaking in tongues, and Lydia freaked out because I was mumbling.

Paranoid. Very paranoid.

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