Home for a few days

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Today I want to talk about my life during exams


What life ?

Nevertheless, after weeks of battling with Chinese students in the library for seats, I'm back home in Malaysia enduring the hot weather. This trip home, I met so many interesting people at the airport. Somehow all the officers were extremely nice to me because I was wearing my University of Melbourne hoodie.

One of the angry customs officer broke into a smile and started chatting with me when he saw that I'm a student. Not forgetting the Malaysian officer who told me in a serious face
"Kamu ni, passport tak boleh masuk Malaysia la. Mesti stay here satu hari"
(Your passport doesn't allow you to enter Malaysia. Must stay at the airport for 1 day)
Scared me shitless until he started laughing lol.

Anyway as I have mentioned before, I will be volunteering in Poland and travelling Europe over summer ! I've just arrived home yesterday and I'm leaving home again day after tomorrow. Everything is so hectic I haven't even caught up on any sleep yet.

Here are some pictures from Google of Warsaw, Poland, where I will be based over summer.

I am really really excited yet at the same time really really scared. 
Hopefully everything turns out alright. 
Will definitely try to update my blog when I'm there ! 

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