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Being the auntie that I am, it is a rare occasion that I am still awake at 1AM but there is so many things I want to type right now that I don't think I can be able to fall asleep if I don't.

The past 2 weeks has been crazy. God has blessed my life so much, that I realized I've been putting how good He is in terms of my own understanding. If I told you what happened throughout the past two weeks, you will be amazed too. This blogpost is a testimony of how my life, and my perspective of Jesus changed in two weeks.

I actually don't know where to start, but I'll start with the most significant one that really left me astounded. 

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At the start of this semester, about 10 weeks ago, I lost a pair of Gucci sunglasses which my mum bought for me less than a year ago. For a WHOLE MONTH, I went to almost every student centre, checked Engineering student centre every week, went to every lost and found centre including security office, searched libraries and I've even done some pretty crazy stuff. For example leaving notes on the tables begging the person to return me, writing on Unimelb Confessions Facebook page, searching newly listed on Ebay in case someone sells it and also sit around the Engineering building observing girls and checking if anyone is wearing my sunglasses.

I prayed and cried over it so much and I remember waking up every day for almost a week feeling like I just had a break up. It wasn't because it was expensive but rather cos it was a gift from my mum that I intended to treasure. All my friends told me to just give up because well, its Gucci after all and could easily be sold for a hundred bucks. Gave up all hope and moved on. In week 12, after my Engineering workshop, not holding much hope, I decided to check with the student centre one last time. They told me to leave my number and they will get back to me if they find it. My hopes were completely dashed. 

To my absolute surprise, the very next morning at 9am, I get a phonecall saying they have my sunglasses. Partially doubting if its gonna be mine, I ran to the student centre immediately and I literally shook with joy when the staff walked out with my sunglasses in hand. I am not just astounded that He made a way for me to find my sunglasses AFTER ALMOST 10 WEEKS. I am also amazed by the perfect timing. I found them on Thursday and it was funny because I received a $100 David Jones gift card on my birthday and I was supposed to get a new pair of sunglasses that Saturday itself ! 

I told so many people, and so many people didn't think it was possible. They all talked about how lucky I was, but praise the Lord. Luck wouldn't have got me this far. 

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After studying one night, my friends and I, feeling rather tired, were thinking of getting Movenpick but we decided against it since it was raining, its fattening and it was expensive. Just when we were on our way to the toilet, we picked up a buy one free one Movenpick coupon. Day, MADE.

Before I continue, I would like to first state that I have money in my bank account but they were locked in term deposit. So basically I had money I couldn't touch. 

For some time I've been thinking of getting a Macbook Pro and one Sunday morning, I casually brought up the topic with my cousin about purchasing my first Mac with my own money. He was rather shocked and asked "You shop so much, why do you still have money ?".  I remember saying something along the lines of "Aiya all my things very cheap" . 

Then church rolled around on Sunday afternoon and the offering buckets were handed down. I thought about the available money I had in my account ($20 at that time) and was kind of doubting whether or not I should give this week. At that exact moment, I felt God ask me this. 

"How do you think you still have so much money in your bank account ?"

I mentally calculated my expenses this year, my crazy online shopping, furniture shopping, sponsoring a child and realized that it was not possible for me to still have the kind of money I have in my account with the way I am spending. I knew I was blessed financially, so by faith, I gave. You won't believe what happened in the following week.

It was SWOT VAC and I had 61 cents in my account to spend. Legit. I've never felt so poor in my entire life. I had fruits and bread at home and I thought if I don't buy coffee, I can actually live with 61 cents. Guess what guys, God provided so much, that I survived on 61 cents.

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Even on the first day itself, someone bought me Seven Seeds coffee and a Red Velvet cupcake.

Then the next day, a friend of mine gave me coffee as well, and in large. I've never drank large coffee before, ever. Then because I had only 61cents, I declined to go out for lunch, since I packed my own fruits. 

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my friends came back with sushi and sweet corn, which they insist I eat, because they were
"too full to eat anything"

A day later, I brought a banana to the library thinking I will have that for lunch. I found out during lunch time, that it was a rotten banana. Just after I sat down miserably at my seat, a friend walked over and handed me homemade egg sandwich with cheese. The timing of it all was amazing. I literally sat down going "God I'm hungry" and the next thing I know, someone made me lunch.

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Not forgetting more coffee and cupcakes from people I happen to bump into at the library. 

There was a friend that I was really looking forward to catching up with over dinner but because I had no money, I was planning to pay her back when I can access my money but before I could say it, she told me that dinner is on her.

The next night, I had a little bit of cash after someone returned me what they borrowed, so I was pumped and ready to go out for dinner with a hometown friend.

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He too, insisted on paying for my meal. 

Today too, a friend out of the blue invited me to his girlfriend's place and he cooked dinner for us.
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It was really the best homecooked food I've tasted in a loong time.

Looking back on my week, ALL my meals were provided. God came through when I faithfully gave. This really couldn't have happened at all if it weren't for Him.

More library study stories ! One day I was just really ticked off with all the studying, and all the responsibilities and worries I had on my mind. I felt beaten up and down. At that exact moment, a friend texted me, sharing a powerful testimony on healing. Immediately I felt so refreshed, hopeful and just assured that God will come true no matter what I was going through, and true enough he did !

Few weeks ago I got rejected to go on student exchange to Glasgow, simply because my combination of Commerce and Engineering subjects weren't suitable for almost every Uni I wanted to go to. I was really looking forward to it and I've even prepared everything I needed, including a referral letter that I had to get from my lecturer. Nevertheless I was reminded of what Pastor Russell said 

"When you face setbacks in life, God is preparing you for something better"

I actually found out after that by not going on exchange, I could do a double major in Finance and Magement plus my Engineering breadths ! Praise the Lord !!


This last thing, I have been itching to just tell everybody, but I really wanted to have everything confirmed before I announce it. 



It will be a 2 month program and I will be back in Malaysia just in time for Chinese New Year ! I've applied for so many projects in Europe but only 3 got back to me. One of them, I was particularly interested, where I volunteer in the area of children at the hospital. 

I had 3 interviews scheduled and the interview for the project I wanted was strategically scheduled after the other two. That meant I knew exactly what questions they were gonna ask, the Polish style of speaking and better prepare myself for the project I really want. The Skype interview was at 12AM and I thought it was a rather unique experience, trying to get my words right and trying not to fall asleep. Surprisingly, the first two projects told me they will get back to me soon but the project I really wanted agreed to accept me during the interview itself. 

As it was hard communicating through email with the people from Poland, I had a really hard time trying to get confirmation that I am accepted. I needed travel insurance, book my plane tickets and prepare myself for the whole experience and not being able to sign the contract was really worrying but here's when God started to move.

I remember sitting in the library one day, just worrying about how to get travel insurance. I had entirely NO CLUE on what I should do. At that exact moment (God's timing is so perfect omg) I checked my email, and there it was, an email saying "10% off your next travel insurance". AMAZING.

But I still had a problem. I haven't got my contract signed, which means I am not assured, which means I don't want to book my plane tickets yet. For a few days now I've really been pulling my hair out trying to get the other party to respond to me but to no avail, it didn't happen. Today itself, I was at the library (again, what a nerd) and I decided to google and listen to some Bishop TD Jakes sermons. The title of the sermon I listened to was


The whole sermon was on letting God take the wheel in situations that is out of our control. He talked about how God is good at fixing trouble and that He may not come when I want Him to, but He's right on time. That sermon blew my mind because it spoke directly into my situation.

Tonight, I am very happy to announce that, the other party finally responded !!!! Even though the contracts are not signed yet, but I have now got confirmation and assurance that I am definitely accepted, and I am halfway to a full agreement. 

That is a long blogpost and I am REALLY sleepy but I'm glad I typed that all out. Words cannot describe how thankful to the kind people, and to God for blessing me all kinds of things at the time I need them. This two weeks, I've experienced Jesus moving in my life in His own timing and in His own peculiar way. Jesus gives the best gifts and the best surprises. Tonight I am particularly thankful, that He is my Father :) 

*In the end, my mum insisted she pays for my Macbook Pro. AWWYISSSS.

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