First week of Warsaw, Poland.

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Today marks the first week since I've arrived in Poland and so far, I still haven't felt too homesick ! Nevertheless, I still miss home, especially the food. Here are some updates about everything that has been going on.

I was picked up at the airport by the reception team leader of AIESEC Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). He picked me up in an extremely damaged and broken car, but I couldn't help feeling blessed to have a car ride as I later found out, the other interns who arrived later had to take public transport. 

The reception team leader, Andrzej, was the first person I met in Poland. Andrzej, Polish for Andrew, was a name I had a really tough time pronouncing and spelling. Till now I'm not too sure how I'm supposed to pronounce it. I usually give up and just say Andrew. 

To my surprise, I was the first intern to arrive. I was brought to Andrzej's flat as he had some things to settle in regard to my accommodation. I grew up being taught to always be cautious with men, but that day I was so tired, I slept like a log on his sofa bed for a straight 5 hours. When I finally woke up, I was a little shocked at the news that I have no hostel to stay in, and I will be staying at his flat for a few days. Thank God he had a spare room. It was a lovely experience as his flat had the most beautiful European bathroom and wasn't too far from the city centre. 

My volunteer work didn't start until a week later so I had time to roam around Warsaw alone. It was Google maps and my Dr Martens all the way. The first day was extremely foggy, but I was determined to explore. 

20131121_103706 copy
Warszawa Centralna 

IMG_1041 copy

IMG_1050 copy
Tomb of the unknown soldier

IMG_1061 copy

IMG_1079 copy
Old Town

IMG_1089 copy

Personally think its quite an achievement to walk all the way to the Old Town without stopping for a whole 4 hours. Even made my own way back to Andrzej's flat without using Google maps. Thanks to the first day, I think I'm pretty good at navigating around the city now ! 

Lydia, one of the interns from China studying in Sydney arrived a day after me. We had to relocate after two nights because Andrzej had to leave Warsaw. Excited cos it was my first time going on the Metro in Poland despite having to carry my heavy luggage up and down the stairs. We stayed with Mery and Alice at their apartment, which had a very different vibe compared to Andrzej's.

At their place, I had my first vodka shot. As a first timer, I didn't know shots were taken in uhm.. one shot, so I had a sip instead. Now that I think of it, its rather stupid, why would it be called shots if its not taken in one shot right ? The taste of pure Vodka was just horrible. That weekend I was a little culturally shocked because I've never imagined the Poles would drink so much ! ! Followed my hosts to the club for the first time as well. My guess was it wasn't one of the very popular clubs as it was pretty empty even at 2am.

20131124_185513 copy
Had my first bottle of beer too ! Surprisingly I liked it. 

On Sunday we finally had access to our hostel ! It is rather far out from the city but its a lovely place. Met Dennis, another intern from New Zealand for the first time. 

20131125_125808 copy
Odd cos all three of us are, Asian. 

At the hostel, three of us share a room. My parents and some of my friends were rather freaked out that its a unisex room. Nevertheless, I really enjoy the company of both of them. Even if we're sitting silently at the breakfast table, somehow I instantly felt very comfortable being with them. 

Ok maybe its a little bit odd when I turn and I see this huge male being lying on another bed less than 5 metres away but there'll be more interns coming soon, so there might probably be some changes.

More sight seeing with the other interns

IMG_1156 copy
Nowy Swiat

\IMG_1123 copy
Palac Kultury I Nauki
Palace of Culture and Science

IMG_1105 copy
Szkoła Główna Handlowa (SGH)
Warsaw School of Economics

Went to the headquarters that I will be working at today ! Walked into a shabby building, through a door that is half painted, and suddenly we are in an office that spreads throughout the whole floor. There were rooms filled with toys, and balloons. As I will be working with children, our first day of training involved basic magic tricks and also making balloon animals ! 

20131126_115922 copy
Quite an achievement I would say ! 
I made a blue giraffe, a pink dog and a green sword ! How about that.

This week has been an exciting one. So many new things for me to try, and so many new ideas and cultures that I need to open up to. Super tired now after a whole day of walking so I'm just going to retire. I've only been eating two meals a day here. Simply because it gets so dark so early (at like 3.30pm) and somehow eating dinner at 6pm feels like I'm eating supper, and I don't like eating supper. Maybe I'll get used to it soon ?

Will update more when I have the time ! There is still so much more to learn about this city !

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