Dubai in 17 hours.

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Flying with Emirates to Poland meant that I had to transit at Dubai. My transit on my first trip to Europe was a whopping 17 hours in Dubai from 2.30pm in the afternoon to 7.30am the next morning.

I have heard stories about Dubai, about how luxurious it is, about how exciting and beautiful the whole city is but to be honest, before I even boarded my flight, my mind was almost set that I am too chicken to leave the airport. I have this crazy idea that I am a person very prone to being kidnapped / robbed. I know man, paranoid woman.

Which is why it is a surprise to me that I had the guts to sign up for this volunteer programme to come to Poland alone. It was even more surprising that upon reaching Dubai airport, I had the courage to step out of the airport. I thank God for the courage and the amazing people He has sent me on my journey. I actually decided to go out because a staff *cough* very good looking middle eastern man *cough* convinced me, gave me information about transportation and led me in the right direction.


It was so simple to go around Dubai. The metro from the airport can bring me anywhere in the city. Furthermore, Dubai was NOTHING like I imagined. 

The Dubai that is somehow formed in my imagination : 
  • Everybody wears black from head to toe. 
  • Everyone must be very careful, everyone must dress very conservatively.
  • Exploring Dubai meant putting yourself in the risk of being arrested.
  • You can't really simply take pictures cos its illegal to take pictures of women in Dubai.
  • Beware of crime. Always hug your bag tight to your chest.
  • Men in Dubai are dangerous
The Dubai that I explored : 
  • Nobody really cares what you wear. Tourists wear sleeveless, tubes and crop tops. 
  • Not all Middle Eastern women cover from head to toe. 
  • It is rude to take pictures directly of strangers everywhere in the world. 
  • Dubai is extremely safe. Nobody really wants to snatch you. Crime rates are low and people respect you very much.  ESPECIALLY if you're a woman.
  • Men in Dubai are very respectful. They always let women go first, there are trains specifically for women and children only and men in Dubai are very friendly and extremely helpful.
I am just amazed by this city. In the afternoon, I decided to solely travel to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. I am BLOWN AWAY by how people in Dubai shop. Literally everyone in the mall had a designer bag and they have every luxury brand you can think of. They have like separate stores for Dior baby and Dior for adults. Lucky Dubai babies.

IMG_1002 copy

IMG_0982 copy

I later found out from a Dubai man on the plane that Dubai is TAX-FREE. They're so rich they don't need your tax. I will definitely be back here one day just to do more sight-seeing and shopping.

Connected to the Dubai Mall is The Souk.
Souk basically means bazaar and unlike the commercial stores inside the Dubai Mall, The Souk sold many local, traditional goods. Rugs, incense, spices etc. 
IMG_0964 copy

The buildings were beautiful and the weather was lovely ! Not too hot. 

IMG_0971 copy

It will really in contrast with the modern buildings surrounding it. 

Finally the highlight of my mini adventure
Burj Khalifa 

IMG_0969 copy

I have finally seen the tallest building in the world ! 

IMG_0970 copy
It is so majestic. Every building around it pales in comparison to the height of the Burj Khalifa
Didn't manage to go up to the top because firstly, I didn't intend to leave the airport, and second, tickets to the top were expensive to buy on the spot and all sold out when I was there ! 

IMG_0990 copy
Burj Khalifa at night

IMG_0997 copy
Managed to catch their daily fountain show as well.
It was really worthwhile staying there for the whole day for this. It was sight that I recommend everyone to see at least once in their lifetime.

I didn't really do much in the city except walk around the mall, The Souk and just people watching. 
Headed back to the airport and spent a night there before my flight in the morning.

Its not a big deal to most people but personally, I am really proud of myself. I am usually rather blur, and also very naive. I fall for pranks ALL THE TIME, even if you repeatedly trick me and I trust people a little too easily. Which was why I've always been fearful. I hardly leave my comfort zone, and I never want to take risks but Jesus has blessed me so much. This song has been playing through my mind alot and somehow it always brings me peace and just assurance that I was going to be fine. 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".
Jesus proved that all over again.
Looking forward to the challenges that will be presented to me in Poland. Excited !

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