You got problem with my accent ah ?

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Since its SWOT VAC (study break) for most students in Melbourne, one of my favourite Facebook pages have really been actively updating their page and providing me with the entertainment and humour I need during this busy period.

Don't know bout you but I love confessions pages. I used to read UTAR Confessions a lot but I found out 

  •  I don't understand half of what is being confessed
  •  People there like to talk about sex. and more sex.

So recently, there was a confession (actually more of a rant) on this page which really caught my attention. I was not only entertained, but actually for the first time ever, proud of the mean commenters. Not that I'm for cyber bully but in this case, well maybe. Before I continue further, here is the post. 


This guy here is obviously hating on the Singaporean / Malaysian accent, that I oh so frequently splurt in this multicultural city of Melbourne. I thought it was rather irrational to conclude that we need to "learn English". Posting a thing like this, is really cari gaduh (find fault) with two different nations.

This post received a lot of comments from Singaporeans and Malaysians, bombarding it with more Singlish / Manglish. Pretty sure the won't be able to fully understand the comments if he/she is local. Here are some of my favourite comments.

Love it ! Really like "wtf you saying bro" 

LOL left right center. Reminiscing the good ol' Mr Ong Pek days when he would use the term all the time during Maths tuition. Sitiawan people probably remembers this !



Love this. Telling him off with perfect Malaysian / Singaporean slang.

Then there were more serious comments

Angmoh also come kepo.

I too, wanted to say something about my accent.


But really, to be honest, I've heard people complain about the Malaysian accent. As someone who speaks fluent Malaysian slang and comes from a small town (Sitiawan just had a 2nd McDonalds, we are in progress !!) , its usually not a problem to me when people comment about my accent. I grew up in Malaysia all my life and I've been speaking in the same way for almost 20 years now, of course I'm not gonna be ang moh kuan when I speak to another Malaysian in Melbourne. 

Actually, subconsciously when I talk to angmohs, I place my words in the order they are supposed to be in, and I cut out all the lahs and lehs. Some angmohs have commented that I have "normal" English too so I think I'm doing a good job but the fact is, I don't expect a British person, or Italian, German, Swedish or anyone from another nationality to come to Malaysia, and speak in the Malaysian accent. 

but dunno la what this guy got problem with. Not nice meh Malaysian slang ?

Back to studying. 

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