Spring is here.

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I cannot believe mid semester break is almost at its end. Why does Spring (which is the most beautiful and pleasant season Melbourne has to offer) gets such a short break ?

Rather ironic that I always rant about not having time to blog, but when I have the time during my mid sem break, I'm too lazy to blog. But better late than never right ?

My mid sem break was rather "extensive" considering that I skipped almost half the classes I had the week before my actual break. (I caught up on my lecture recordings don't worry). Before the weather deteriorated to the point roofs flew off and things on my balcony started going missing, there was actually legit spring weather.

It was prosh week before the actual break, a time when a group of students run around Uni COMPLETELY NAKED. I don't know bout you but the last time I heard, that was called flashing but anyway, I was rather curious so I walked to South Lawn to you know, see for myself.

20130925_122510 copy
but sadly they were all clothed by then. Oh well, there's always next year.

Wasn't feeling very well so I decided to head home when I bumped into Yoong Chii teaching Jing Wen how to cycle at the park. Intrigued by the fun they were having, I decided to slash "rest" off my schedule and go have fun at the park.

IMG-20130925-WA0085 copy
Love this candid shot of Yoong Chii and our rented bicycle ! 

20130924_101228 copy
Flowers blooming on University Square. 

20130924_101115 copy
Doesn't really look so serene in real life, but thank God for Photoshop. 
This is why your mama told you never to trust everything on the internet.

eyeemfiltered1380102992704 copy
We definitely weren't the only ones lazing out in the sun.

IMG-20130925-WA0039 copy
Super pretty candid of Yoong Chii and Jing Wen ! 

eyeemfiltered1380105461050 copy

IMG-20130925-WA0069 copy

eyeemfiltered1380285569151 copy
My favourite shoes of all time. So versatile, so comfortable. 
I need more pairs of Toms. 

After 2 hours of rolling on the ground spying at sweet couples and peeking at cute angmohs, we picked ourselves up but was still rather reluctant to go home. 


So we walked to Houpetoun Tea Rooms on Collins for some tea and cakes. 
Complete with a Victorian styled interior, beautiful cakes and a unique range of teas, Hopetoun is one of my favourite places to chill out.

IMG-20130925-WA0097 copy
When it comes to dessert, no amount of walking is "too much". I'm starting to think its a girl's thing. I can do this anytime. 

IMG-20130925-WA0098 copy

Looking forward to the next "coincidental" hang out and many more beautiful days like this !
Spring is finally here. 

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