I turned 19.

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I've always thought 19 is a weird number. I mean, first of all its a prime number, and somehow it just feels like there is something missing to that number.

but last Wednesday I turned 19 !
My first surprise came on the Friday before my birthday. After Central Committee Meeting for MUOSS, I was tricked into taking the stairs, and got kicked out of our Whatsapp group. But when I reached the MUOSS lounge,

20131011_183108(0) copy
Everyone was there with a cake !!! 
Was really so out of the zone, I wasn't even sure who they were singing for at the start. 
To be honest, I've never expected these people to celebrate my birthday. For a start, we've only known each other for a semester but I was truly touched by their efforts and wishes !!

Then over the weekend, my cousins brought me out for some fine dining at Rockpool.

eyeemfiltered1381655213523 copy
Bought this dress for a year already but I've only worn it once.

eyeemfiltered1381664714423 copy
My dates for the night ! Thoroughly enjoyed dinner. They bought me a cake and loved it when they sang the birthday song in their really deep voices.

My actual birthday started out with a really heart warming phone call from mum. She dropped many encouraging words, and agreed to buy me a Macbook Pro when I get home ! I was overjoyed. Woke up the next morning feeling all

but in a few hours, I was depressed. 
Nothing was going my way, some of my close friends didn't even wish me and I had assignments due though I was rather excited for my dinner plan with a few friends at an expensive restaurant.

 In the morning itself, my application for student exchange was rejected and I was asked to try again. My mum sent me a picture of red wine mee sua and I missed home so much I started crying in the elevator. At lunch time, I couldn't find someone to have lunch with me. Everyone either had something on, or they had assignments to do. 

Eventually I went lunch with Chee, a long time close friend from Sitiawan. Because of how close we were, I thick skinned ask if they bought me a present. He responded with 

"Treating you to such an expensive dinner you still want us to buy present ?" 

I thought that was really depressing so I asked him if they can buy me a present and we can go eat $10 char siew rice instead of an expensive dinner at Crown but well, that didn't really happen. I didn't really want anything expensive or significant. I just wanted to have like a little surprise in a paper bag. You know that feeling. 

I went home and thought about how depressing the day has been, so I lay in bed and wallowed in my sorrow. I kept on telling myself everyone is busy and a birthday is no big deal but I just got even more depressed. Nevertheless, I got sick of being sad and decided that if nobody will spoil me on my birthday, I will spoil myself. So yes I went shopping. Jason joined me later and we just roamed around Melbourne Central for a bit. I then asked Jason, since they didn't buy me a present, did they buy me a good cake ? and his reply was the same.

"Treating you to such an expensive dinner you still want us to buy cake?" 

At that point I was really considering my $10 char siew birthday rice but Jason insisted we go to the expensive restaurant cos he has already made a reservation. I was so sad I even took this picture

IMG-20131016-WA0016 copy
In memory of the only presents I will be getting on my 19th birthday :
Free Chatime and Boost for being a member. 

Seeing how depressed I looked, he bought me 6 La Belle Macarons
20131016_182000 copy
Which really did cheer me up. I am honestly so easy to please man. I was wondering why can't they just buy me, you know a piece of bread as a present. I would be happy as long as its wrapped. 

20131016_182847_1 copy
But I was really happy after my shopping session. All my favourite things in a picture ! Notebooks from Typo with cakes and flowers printed on them. Long awaited Kikki.k diary for 2014 and a box of macarons !

Few minutes after tweeting about my love for macarons, Yoong Chii dropped by my apartment to give me another box of macarons from Adriano Zumbo
She told me all the other girls are too busy and have no time to get me a present / celebrate with me so they got me macarons instead. I remember going on the empty elevator and did a little dance on my way up while I laughed out loud cos I actually received something. Told you I'm very easy to please. 

Since Jason told me there was only going to be 3 people going (abit depressing to think that I only have 3 friends willing to celebrate my bday with me), I didn't put too much effort dressing up. When I got in front of the taxi, I found out there's actually 5 friends going !  That was when these cheeky people pulled out this :
20131017_003306_1 copy
SO I DO HAVE A PRESENT. I reckon I have a bigger bottle than my mum ! heh heh
I kept on smiling like a retard in the taxi because I was so happy. Not because its Chanel No5 but because I actually received something. #easytoplease

When we got to Mr Hive's Kitchen and Bar,
I found out I have more than 5 friends !

DSC03076 copy
It was such a pleasant surprise !

I also received a $100 David Jones gift card from the girls. This is a little weird, but I really wanted a new pair of sunglasses, so I actually dreamt about receiving a David Jones gift card. Really couldn't stop giggling to myself throughout dinner.

DSC03090 copy

DSC03080 copy

IMG-20131016-WA0023 copy

DSC03038 copy

Thank you people for coming on a Wednesday night, even though burdened with assignments and exam preparations. Thank you for giving me the time that you could've used to study for the Intro Macro test. I was so surprised, and touched by how you guys are willing to spend the money and the time for my birthday.

I actually do have friends !!!!!!!

IMG-20131016-WA0032 copy
Picture with Jason was the only picture closest to an #OOTD.
Got a really nice picture with Chee as well but I don't have it !
Thank you so much for reserving the restaurant and convincing me that I don't want $9 char siew rice for my birthday. Thank you also for spending extra on the macarons even though you've already bought me a present haha.

I realize how blessed and loved I am. So grateful I can't put it in words ! 

As usual, now its time to reflect on my goals from last year READ HERE

#1 Serve at church ! CHECKED !!!! 
#3 Get into Melbourne Uni Commerce, an average of 90 above if lucky please. CHECKED
#4 Find a boyfriend sigh.STILL IN PROGRESS
#5 Lose 10 kgs. STILL IN PROGRESS
#6 Learn how to cook. HALF CHECK
#7 Get my driving license STILL IN PROGRESS
#8 Get invited to at least ONE nuffnang event (Movie premiere included) STILL IN PROGRESS
#9 Meet more bloggers. HALF CHECK
#10 Breakthrough in Peekashu.com HALF CHECK

Well basically I think I did a pretty good job ! Haven't got the time to work on blogging, which was why all blog related goals were on hiatus but I started serving at church this year, I got a job and I got into Melbourne Uni with 90.5% average ! I've also learnt how to cook up simple dishes so yaay !
In terms of losing 10 kgs, I don't think I will be getting there, and for finding a boyfriend and getting a driving license ....................... that will have to wait.


Soon to achieve this year
#1 Volunteer overseas
#2 Get at least 2 H1s with total average above 65%
#3 Get into student exchange programme
#4 Lose 4 kgs (more realistic hehe)
#5 Participate in more social networking events
#6 Get a job at Kikki.K or at Uni
#7 Shop less
#8 Cook at home more
#9 Read more, attend lectures more, stop skipping tutorials
#10 Participate more actively at church
#11 Complete my duty as Media Officer at MUOSS, effectively and efficiently
#12 Make more friends so that I don't have to worry about no presents next year haha.
#13 Meet a boyfriend (note : not find but meet hehehe)

Excited to see what God has in store for me in the future. So much accelerating spiritual growth this month, and God has really been letting me peek on his plans for me, making me really hyped and excited for everything he is going to put me through. Its amazing to me that He never promises a life with no tribulations, but he promises to never leave nor forsake me, no matter what I am going through. Ending my birthday post with a huge thank you to every single one of you who wished me and celebrated this day with me. Love you guys !! :D

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