How mid sem breaks are spent.

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I just cleaned my apartment and I just decided I want to blog about my mid sem break, which was more than 2 weeks ago. I'm just on study avoidance mode.

One of the first things I did was went to the beach with my Urban Life.

eyeemfiltered1380337960655 copy
Mart 130 before reaching St Kilda. 

This is the little cafe by the tram that you have probably seen in JinnyBoyTV's videos when he was in Melbourne. Many find it over-rated, but I love their corn fritters ! They changed how they serve their food, neater display but less in portion, but still so much yums to me !

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We were the only people at the beach because I doubt people are willing to come to the beach in that weather.  Too cold so the girls hid in San Churros but the boys seemed like they had tons of fun out in the cold. 

eyeemfiltered1380522840231 copy
During mid sem break, I re-arranged my wadrobe. Before you start on how much I online shop, I would like to inform that not everything in this picture is mine ! I never wear hoodies except for my Melbourne University one but I found more than 10 hoodies in my wadrobe. I'm pretty amused. 

IMG-20130927-WA0013 copy
Act atas with Yoong Chii for a day. Had dinner at Mamasita and then a ballet performance. 

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Tried N2. Slurpppps. I loved it. 

Stayed over at Boxhill for a day
eyeemfiltered1380607160844 copy
Probably the most expensive cake I've ever seen. 
Boxhill market, which is also their train station, which is also their city center and mall is really the land of the Asians.Once I got off the train, it was almost like an Asian Invasion. Chinese wordings line the stores, asian grocers all around, and everyone walking around me was Asian. 

eyeemfiltered1380621162544 copy
Stayed with Happy and she taught me how to cook my favourite dishes !
Red wine chicken,  eggplant, sambal kangkung and steamed fish. 
Still not at the level to cook for people yet. #betamode. 

Then the next day itself I stayed over at Clayton with Megan.
Literally had a food marathon. I had like 2 lunches, 2 dinners and then dessert degustation at Richmond. 

eyeemfiltered1380771845168 copy
Dim sum at Glen Waverly! 

eyeemfiltered1380767566261 copy
Megan also brought me to Ikea at Springvale to get shelves. 

Untitled-1 copy
Spent like the whole night assembling my furniture ! 
The moment I dragged these out of the car, my cousins both stood there dumbfounded and the first thing they asked was : "Do you really have space in your room?" 

No I don't have space for my things, that's why I need shelves. 
My room looks much neater and organized now cos my clothes have a place to live ! 

Ended my mid sem break with more brunch at Chez Dre

IMG-20131005-WA0002 copy

IMG-20131005-WA0000 copy

eyeemfiltered1380937049357 copy
Why was my skirt so wrinkled ???? 
but anyway, saw this top at Dotti for $19.99 and thought it was rather expensive. Few days later it was on sale for $9.99 and I immediately got it ! Went back like a week later to hopefully get it in white, and the price was back at $19.99. 

My mid sem break was rather eventful and it was truly a good break.
but the moment school started, everything was in turmoil again. Just like how the whole semester was. 

It's week 12 and the semester is coming to an end ! I just had my last Engineering Systems Design 2 workshop and our last assessment was to measure how good we are at setting up a catapult to fire at a picture of our lecturer. Wtf Engineering. Then again,

NO MORE WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS. I've honestly been sitting in classes staring blankly at everything for a whole semester now. Which is why I really should go now. and study. Ya, that's what I'm gonna do. Now. Yes. 

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