PlanetUNI Camp 2013

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Over the weekend, I was at PlanetUNI Camp 2013 and it was bomb diggity ! If you don't know what PlanetUNI is, no its not an environmental club. We're the University Ministry of Planetshakers City Church.

Read my PlanetUNI camp 2012 testimony.
In the past weekend, God has done so much in my life. I went to camp, with a list of expectations that I wanted God to do in my life and I was just looking back on it and I realized they were mostly ticked off ! Some will happen in the future and I'm just believing that its happening.
I have so much to say that I don't know where to start.
Ok I'll start from the top, cos I think that's where things start.

Yeap from the top. Shameless selfie of me first.
Just kidding. Moving on. 

Previously I rented my carpark to a man for $200 a month and his rental period ended on the 20th. I was looking for someone to rent my carpark after the 20th and I had two offers. One, which I have already agreed on, dropped out eventually and for some particular reason, I felt to reject the second offer. So basically, nobody is interested in renting my carpark after the 20th and I needed that money.

But things started getting good when my UL leader was arranging transportation and I happen to have an empty carpark to offer when someone from my Urban Life was looking for a place to park over the weekend. Nevertheless, I was still figuring out who to rent my carpark to after camp. On the 20th, the person who has been renting my carpark asked me if I could continue to let him rent the carpark after the weekend of PlanetUNI camp till the end of the month, and that I would not need to return him the deposit.

To summarize the two long paragraphs I just wrote, it was as if planned, that my carpark wll be free on the weekend of camp, yet still have $100 excess for renting my carpark for 1 extra week !


"Christianity without power is nothing more than a philosophy"
-- Pastor Benny Perez

I've always been asked the question "Why do you not go clubbing?"
and I've always pulled out lame excuses like

  1. Oh I'm a nerd. I don't club
  2. I don't drink
  3. I don't dance
  4. I don't like loud music. I can't talk to anyone in there. 
  5. I like sleeping early. 
  6. I don't like the lights. 

but the moment I walked into the auditorium, my heart felt the need to give the real reason the next time someone asks me because to think about it, my excuses were nonsense. Firstly, judging from the number of Instagram likes I have, I'm not a nerd ahaha. Kidding. I have many friends that I frequently hang out with and I don't study very much. Secondly, it is not true that I don't drink. Lastly, if you have been in a praise and worship session with me, you would see that I dance, I love loud music and I love the lights. It is true though that I like sleeping early and am the only University student who thinks 12am is "extremely late"

Most people think church is for the boring people but when hundreds of University students praise together, it is a Holy Ghost party. Its not because I do not like loud music and crowded places. It is simply because I know what I need, and I know where to find it. I don't want to pay over $20 every week to go into a place where I find satisfaction and fun for a night, then wake up the next morning finding nothing. I want to go to a place, where there is fun, surprises, joy, satisfaction, fulfilment and every good stuff which will carry me on, all the days of my life.


"When you take your eyes off Jesus, He hasn't taken his eyes off you."

-- Pastor Benny Perez

Restored relationships.
After the last winter break, there was a lot of heaviness, negativity and hurt that remained in my heart even after I came back for Semester 2 and I have been praying for a restored relationship. After camp last night, I got a phone call from that very person that I've been praying about. It was like every other conversation we have had, but this time, it was so uplifting. It was joyful, it was filled with love and I remember just crying my eyes out after that phone call. No longer because I was hurt and scarred, but because I felt so loved by my heavenly father and all the amazing things He is doing in my life.

There was also a part of my life that I've avoided bringing up all this while but Jesus pulled it out. The time of my life that I wanted to deny, that I was scarred and ashamed of, he revealed that thorn, and he completely healed it. Not patch it up, but complete, restoration. I will not go into detail because really, I will take days.

During camp, a thought crossed my mind.
"Would God, love me less if I could do nothing for His Kingdom?" 
but I was immediately reminded, that God never created any useless people. That got me thinking, what skills have I got to offer ? The only things I think am actually good at is : eating, sleeping, studying, and making jokes that make people wonder why they're friends with me but this weekend, God really put something on my heart.

"Your words will carry weight" 

If you know me, I like to joke. I mean, I am seriously good at verbal diarrhoea. I can sprout out a lame statement that I've never even thought of before and  9 out of 10 things I say doesn't carry any particular meaning. (I know my sister can't stand me haha but her reaction to my stupid jokes are funny enough to make me continue). So when this was said over me, I wasn't very sure........

After the last session at camp, I was told that, my testimony on my blog for PlanetUNI camp 2012 was shared in someone's Urban Life, and it was to encourage people to come for camp. I was a little shocked because, well first of all, it still feels like only my close friends read my blog and secondly, I never knew my words could encourage people. And the fact that the stuff that I write has the ability to encourage people, really encourages me. What I've shared and said is not bullshit after all !

God said things over my life all throughout camp that at the end of it, the question of "What if I can do nothing for Him?" was out of my mind.

He has truly deposited things in my heart. Godly desires, a greater capacity to love, a greater level of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. He reminded me that He will never, give up on me. Looking back on my life, His eyes truly never left me. I can go on and on and on but you're pretty tired of reading now hey ? If you've read up till here,

8.52 ~ 130.365 pat on the back
Go on and give yourself a pat on the back.

Just realized that was long. Pat yourself twice, you deserve it.
Like last year, I am in the BLUE TEAM.

Picture credits to Shawn. 

With the beautiful Olivia Chandra. 
We met in the blue team last year and I'm amazed at how much both of us has grown ! Still love her as much as when I first met her. Come on guys, send in your resumes now !!!

Coralyn my kindergarden friend.
Its heart warming to have a friend I've known almost all my life here in Melbourne. So glad that you came for camp !!!


ULU05. The crazy people I do life with. 

We got 4th out of 5 teams, but the 5th team wasn't really PlanetUNI so I'm not sure if we got last, or second last but IT WAS SO FUNNN. I didn't play the games, but the excitement of shouting your chants and cheering on other people, I LOVE IT. 

Amazing how I didn't lose my voice the next day. It was only until after the end of camp did I lose my voice. Which was good cos I could praise and worship until the very end !

I don't have plenty of pictures but you can search for #planetunicamp13 on Insta and I promise you a lot of interesting pictures. Go search for it now or we can't be friends anymore.

Just as a cherry on top, exam timetable is now out for Melbourne Uni students !!
I have been worried that my Commerce subjects will clash with my Engineering subjects and it has been weeks now. Today with trembling hands and sweaty palms, I FINALLY managed to find my exam timetable in the middle of tutorial. (Completely didn't pay attention. Sorry Steve).

and here is my timetable for Semester 2 !

Some people might be thinking
"Why is this woman so happy ? She took horrible subjects and there is nothing special about her timetable" 
but let me tell you that this was the timetable I have been praying for. This is the BEST timetable I've ever had in my 19 years of existence. Gaps between every subject. I don't care when my exam ends, I don't care what time it starts. No collisions, no consecutive exams, it is the perfect timetable. God is so good and I really cannot wait for what He has in store for me in the future !!
(Hopefully a boyfriend nyeheh. That's just a joke. Please laugh. Ok bye)

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